How To Get Google Plus Notification Updates On Mobile Phones

These days almost everything is available on mobile phones. From visiting social networking sites to  browsing your blogging account, almost everything is possible. It can be done in minutes. You can even update your status, comment on others, upload pictures and even edit them.

Google Plus Notification Updates On Mobile Phones

Mobile phone widens your options of using these websites. In the same way you can also receive notifications about your Google+ updates on the mobile phone. If you think it will be a difficult thing to do, then you may be wrong.

Steps To Get Google Plus Notification Updates On Mobile Phones

Sign In

Start with logging in to your G+ account. Till the time you do not do so, you will not be able to get notifications on your mobile. If you are not a member of Google+ then sign up for free. It will barely take any seconds.

Gear Button

When you click on this button, another button known as “settings” will open. So you can locate for it on the top right of your profile.

google plus settings


As soon as you come across the settings button simply click on it. It will open a variety of options in front of you.


On the left hand side of the page, there will be a few options. Out of these, the third option of Google+ will be visible to you. As soon as you see it, you have to click on the same. It will again present a few details like your email address and phone.


Click on the phone tab to edit it further. Press on add phone number in order to add a mobile phone number. Ensure that you use all the codes asked for. Do not give any phone number that is not yours. Simply insert the number that you use on a daily basis.

add phone number

Send Verification Code

As soon as you fill the number, you will receive a SMS on the phone. It will contain a specific code that will help you take a step further. So simply open the text and look at the code.

Confirm Code

Enter the code in the area where it is asked for. It will confirm the code if it is entered correctly. Enter only the one that was sent as a SMS to you on the mobile.

Additional Information

As soon as the code gets confirmed it will automatically activate the mobile application. You will then be able to use the phone and receive notifications on a daily basis.

additional information

Some additional information will help you edit the privacy settings of your mobile phone number on the profile.

Some More Editing

A few other options will also appear so that you can further edit the notifications. Your photos can also be edited.

Above mentioned tips will simply help you activate the notifications on your mobile phone. They are very simple and if you follow them carefully you can do so in minutes. You will be able to receive notification on your mobile phone on a daily basis.