How To Get More Out Of Google Docs

Google Docs are web based suite offered by Google. It’s basically a data storage service which allows the creation and editing of documents online and also facilitates the real-time collaboration with other users. Google Docs is a cloud based office suite. This document sharing service comes free of cost and it has increased in popularity due to the features it offers and its high accessibility. Listed below are some ways in which you can get the most out of using Google Docs.

Gmail Integration

If you are using Google Docs and Gmail simultaneously two new features may make your job easier. One is the Google Docs gadget which displays the recently accessed Google documents, and the other is a search tool which is a slide bar toolbox for Gmail. In order to obtain the Google Doc gadget you need to enable it by going to Google Labs in Settings.

When you are in the Labs section, you may also enable the tool called ‘Create a document’ . This will result in the addition of a link to your mails which can turn them all into distinct Google documents.

In order to get more control over the side bar you may check out the feature called ‘Navbar drag and drop’ so as to reorder the boxes on Gmail.

Real Time Collaboration

This is a truly remarkable feature of Google Docs. This feature lets you watch along as your colleagues type in documents and offer instant feedbacks.

Priority Sorting

The documents list has been redesigned by Google and it now includes a preview pane and a priority sort for the documents. The priority sorting feature lets you keep the most important or most used document on the top of the list.


The feature called optical character recognition in Google docs allows you to save time when uploading new files. When a file is uploaded you can select the option that converts text from image files or PDF to Google Docs. This will cause Google to translate the text.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are several keyboard shortcuts that will allow you to speed up your usage of Google Docs. Quickly learn the shortcuts and use them to make your job easier.

Google Cloud Connect

If you wish to get the most out of Google Docs you can check out Google Cloud Connect. The testing phase of this new technology was opened up in the latter half of the year 2010 and that allowed Microsoft Office 2003 -2010 users to synchronize their documents to the Google cloud.

However, this program is only limited to Microsoft Office users and also it cannot handle the huge response it had earlier received due to which it has stopped accepting new users.

Mobile Editing

You have an iPhone or iPad and want to be able to edit your documents on the go. Do not worry. This is possible in Google Docs as Google had made editing on popular mobile devices ( including the iPhone) possible, way back in November 2010. However, you might face some limitations.