How To Get Rid Of The wmpscfgs.exe Virus

Technology is evolving with each passing day. As new technological advancements are seen, there are also a number of innovations made in the field of hacking. New viruses are added and circulated each day and some of them can wreak havoc when they get into networks. Among the many viruses, trojans and worms that are presently circulating, the wmpscfgs.exe virus is quite nasty and deadly.

Many people have experienced massive loss of data and other issues due to this virus. One of the best ways in which to detect the wmpscgfs.exe virus is to make use of Malwarebytes or Superantispyware tools which never miss this virus. However, the problem is that every time you reboot your computer, this virus comes back.

remove  wmpscfgs exe Virus

The major problem with wmpscfgs.exe is the fact that its symptoms develop slowly and exhibit themselves over a protracted period of time. This takes users unaware, and by the time they realise what hit them the damage has already been done. Therefore, the first step in removing this virus is to identify the symptoms that mark an infection with it.

The first way in which you can find out that your computer is infected with the wmpscgfs.exe virus is when you find warning messages popping up, which tell you that Internet Explorer is not your default browser. These messages pop up even when you do nothing. If this happens, do not click on the message.

The second symptom of infection is that Windows UAC begins to act strange and keeps asking you whether you wish to execute a particular startup program again.

The third way to detect infection by the wmpscgfs.exe virus is when Microsoft Security Essentials begins to flag off your essential startup programs, especially antivirus software and antimalware software, as viruses.

If you encounter any of the above three symptoms, then follow the below steps.

Steps To Get Rid Of The wmpscfgs.exe Virus

Step #1

Boot your computer in safe mode. Next, open up Windows Explorer, click on Tool and choose Folder Options. Untick the “Show hidden files and folders” option.

untick show hidden files

Step #2

Navigate to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer, and delete the file named wmpscgfs.exe in that folder. Do the same thing by navigating to C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp

Step #3

Open Windows Task Manager and enable the “Show all processes” checkbox. Hunt for the wmpscgfs.exe process and end the process.

end process wmpscgfs

Step #4

Click on Start and choose the Run option. Enter “regedit” without quotes. This will take you into the registry editor of your computer. Navigate to HKLM, click on Software, choose Microsoft, click on Windows. Next, choose Current Version and click on Run. Search for any Adobe_reader entry and check to see if the data pertaining to it “%ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\wmpscfgs.exe“. Once this is found, delete it. You might find multiple copies of this entry. Ensure that you delete all of them.

Step #5

Search for any files with a space between the filename and the .exe extension. The wmpscgfs.exe virus copies itself to existing applications so that each time an application is opened, it gets executed. For example, if you have McAfee on your computer, your original McAfee agent filename would have been mcagent.exe.

If there is a wmpscgfs.exe virus infection, there will be a new file titled mcagent .exe and this will be a 39 KB file. Delete this file. Also delete any files with the extension of .delme. Do this for all applications in your list. At times, you might need to kill the corresponding process using Task Manager, before going ahead with this particular step.

Step #6

Reboot your computer and it will be free of the wmpscgfs.exe virus.