How To Get Short / Vanity URL For Your Google+ Profile

The Google+ service by the search engine giant is indeed cool. There are loads of features that make Google+ one of its kinds. When you consider all the features, a thought certainly kisses your mind, comparing Google+ and Facebook.

However, there is one thing that Google has yet not provided – the shorter URLs for user profiles. That could potentially put off some of the users, already attached to Facebook.

Facebook or Twitter allows its users to have short and simple URLs for their profiles. That makes it simple to remember the URLs. However, you cannot find the same feature in Google+. There is a long string of numbers instead. Quite understandably, it is not easy to remember these profile URLs.

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When Google has not offered vanity URLs for the Google+ profiles, then be sure that there is a reason behind it. In fact, Google does not want to compromise on the security of the users and hence this step. The reason for not allowing vanity URLs is that it could potentially lead to vigorous spamming. Many Google accounts are associated with Gmail accounts. Not allowing the vanity URLs is to protect the millions of Google+ users.

Use Short URL for Google+ Profile

There is no need to worry about the long URL in Google+ profile. With a simple app, you can get a short and simple URL for your G+ profile. We are talking about This app gives you, the power of creating a short URL for the Google+ page. A short URL means the ease of remembering and sharing it with your friends.

The application allows you to have a username of your choice ranging from three characters to almost 25 characters. The more logical username you choose the better for you and your friends to remember. That is a good app if you want to shorten your G+ profile URL. Google itself has not addressed the issue, so this app bridges the gap, which is still totally official.

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Simple Steps for Short Google+ URL

Here is the secret of shortening your Google+ profile ID.

Visit by typing the address in your browser. The index page is easy and simple to understand. You can carry out the steps without anyone’s help.

On the index page, you will see text boxes to type your “Nick Name” to the left, and “Your Google+ ID” to the right. As said above, type your nickname. It is important to remember that you may not use any special characters. However, you can use only Latin characters and numbers.

Put your Google+ profile ID (note it, not the full URL) in the right hand side text box. (You can find your Google+ ID in the Google+ profile URL.) Once you are satisfied with your selection, click the “Add” button to the right.

Once you complete this process, you will now have a brand new short URL for your G+ profile. It cannot get easier than this. Now you can share the URL with your friends.