How To Get Started With Outlook Business Contact Manager 2010

A businessperson needs to keep an eye on all the things and details around him/her. The customers are the most important factor for any business and so are the sales emanating from them. To help you out, there is the Outlook Contact Manager 2010. It works perfectly as your assistant, no matter what terms you dictate. With the tool, worrying about organizing your business should be the last thing on your mind.

Get the Outlook Business Contact Manager 2010

The 2007 version of the Outlook Business Contact Manager came as an individual purchase as well. It also came with the Office 2007 Small Business, Ultimate and Professional. However, the BCM 2010 comes only with the Office 2010 Professional Plus and Standard. That is to say, you can get the BCM only through a volume license. However, according to Microsoft, they will be providing various solutions in the near future.

How to install the Business Contact Manager

The installation process of the Outlook Business Contact Manager is like any other installer.

Business Contact Manager

It works on the same lines as that of the original Office 2010 installer. However, you need not enter the product key as the Business Contact Manager is considered a part of the Office 2010 installation and recognizes it.

install Business Contact Manager

As the normal setup process, you will need to close all the Office apps before installation, else you will be asked to exit them. When you finish with the installation process, run Outlook at least once so that the entire setup process is finished.

Business Contact Manager

You will then see a startup screen. You will have the option of choosing the setup with standard setup. You can even customize, if you want to.

Business Contact Manager steps

How to use the Business Contact Manager

Once the installation is over, you have the option of working with model data or you can enter your own fresh data.

Business Contact Manager uses

If you are new to the entire system and process, working with sample data would be helpful for you. But you can switch over to a new account at any time. The BMC will need to set up the entire database.

bmc in database

When you have completed this process, you will be prompted to enter information about your company. Click “Next” and the setup is completed.

Once you finish with the above steps, the Business Contact Manager will open in Outlook. There are steps that will teach you how to use the system.

Business Contact Manager 2010

From Outlook you can reach the Business Contact Manager at any time through the links in the email folders. Even a button to access BCM is available to the bottom left hand corner of the window.

More about the Business Contact Manager

There is a range of tools in Outlook which you can access in the Business Contact Manager panel. Now you will be able to add new contacts, accounts, vendors, information about sales opportunities and much more. You can then follow up when you actually either sell or purchase that product.

With the sorting option, you can keep a track of your customers and their payments, every aspect of your projects and various categories.