How To Get Started with True Crypt Drive Encryption on Mac OS

These days everything has become so advanced that we sometimes do not belong to the same page. Walking hand in hand with the current advancements is almost mandatory for us today. In the same way, when we get the True Crypt drive encryption, some of us do have problems in getting started.

Even though it is not a very complicated thing to do, but some users may find it difficult to get down to the initial steps. Like every problem, even this one comes with a solution. So, simply look down at the step by step information given and help yourself in getting started with True Crypt Drive Encryption on Mac OS.


Let’s Begin with the True Crypt Drive Encryption

This is great software which allows its users to hide files in any folder. Not just hiding, but it also helps immensely in encrypting all the files and folders. Be it movies, pictures, confidential documents or just a simple file, this software will help you do everything that you need to. Download the .dmg on your Mac OS. Now start with the installation procedure.

Accept License

In the next step, you will be requested to accept the license. Click on “accept” and then continue to finally get started with the installation.

Introduction Installation

You will come across an introduction about the installation so that somewhere in the middle, the user does not get lost.

install truecrypt

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Installation location

Under this, you will be asked to select the location of the installed application. To avoid it from saving it anywhere on the PC, this options serves the best.


A few files might get modified, so your Mac OS will ask for authentication of those files.

Completing Installation

Now just sit patiently in one corner and allow the installation to get finished. It may take a while, but it will be worth it.

installation success

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Open TrueCrypt and Create Volume

After it gets installed, reopen the software. Now the main step is involved in which the user has to create the volume. After opening it, select the “create an encrypted file container” option and press next.

Volume Type

Now you will be asked to select the volume type. Select the standard TrueCrypt volume and hit next.

truecrypt volume creation wizard

Encrypted Document Converter

Under this, the user will be creating a virtual file that will have all the data. So, under the volume location option, choose the file’s location.

Encryption Options

This option will allow you to create a unique name for the file.

Volume Size

Choose the size of the file that is going to get saved.

Volume Password

This is a vey important step as it allows you to have all the security you need. So, choose the most unique password that you can.

Format Options

Any format out of the given ones can be selected. So choose accordingly.

Volume Format

The user has to finalize the previous step under this option.

Volume Created

Finally, your volume is now ready to use. Hence, these easy steps will enable anyone to use TrueCrypt wil ease.