How To Get the Best Out Of Google Calendar

Keeping the things to do and appointments organized is of elementary importance for the man of business. The option of using a calendar to note down all the appointments is a very viable option and it should not matter much if it is a paper calendar or a digital version of it.

A lot of them are available online and Google calendar is the one used by maximum number of users. It is a great thing to put some order in your life as it can be easily synchronized with the Blackberry and Android phones also.

Get the Most out of the Labs

Like most of other Google products, the Google Calendar also has some Lab features that enable the user to make the maximum of it. There are the gentle reminders, the event attachments and the smart scheduler Labs to enhance the functionality of the calendar to suit the user preferences.

The gentle reminders will only put a notice at the bottom of the screen to remind you the appointments, while the event attachment facility will allow you to attach a copy of the agenda that is to be discussed during any meeting.

The smart rescheduler allows the user to reschedule their meetings and appointments very easily and all the tools have worked their way to make Google Calendar one of the most popular tools on the web.

Share Your Calendar

This is another thing that has impressed most of the users of Google Calendar because it also cares for the family. Sharing the calendar is always an efficient idea both at your home and at your office so that one can see what the other members of the family or his office colleagues are doing before planning something that might involve them too.

It is very useful when shared within a team because it enables every member of the team to keep track of the actual work that is going on at any particular moment of time.

Color it and Print it

Another noticeable feature of the Google Calendar is that it gives the user the chance to edit the color of any particular event to make it stand apart from others to give it more significance and priority.

One can also use more than one calendar to differentiate between works and also use a separate color for each of them to make them easier to notice. The option of taking a print out of your monthly calendar is a wonderful way to make your calendar visible to everybody by putting it in some notice board or something of that sort.

Add ons and Scripts

The Google Calendar has nearly everything that any average tech savvy user may need, but there are so many user developed browser specific add ons and scripts apart from the features available by default, that makes Google Calendar as the most flexible of all the available online calendar services.

Using the Greasemonkey scripts, new tabs can be created to customize it according to the months and weeks also and there are so many tips also available online to use the application exactly the way one wants it to be.