How To Get the Linux Alt+Window Drag Functionality in Windows

The Linux operating system has some really interesting features if you really observe them closely. One of the interesting features is activated when you use the Alt+Win drag key combination. With this combination, you can move any of the open windows on your screen by holding the Alt key. Then, just left-click and drag the window wherever you like.

This article describes how you can go about making this possible in the Windows operating system. Linux is not a very commonly used OS as against the more popular Windows XP, Vista or Seven. The above described functionality can work in Windows too, provided you have installed the hot keys in your machine. Without the installation of these hot keys, this feature will not work at all.

Advantages of Having this Functionality

Do not look at this functionality only as a means of dragging windows around the screen. There is actually much more to it than you can think of. With the hot key installed on your computer, you will be able to manage many other enhancements as well. Assigning hot keys to windows as well as other scripts are some of the functions it can perform. Once you start using it, you will soon get addicted to it.

Get the Functionality for Yourself

After reading all this, you might feel like having the same for you. But for this, you will have to download the autohotkey script. Along with that you will also need an executable file. This will make it possible to use the program on any computer. You can also try the TaekWindow application for using the Alt+Window drag functionality. It effectively brings the alt-dragging to Windows.

taekwindow preferences

After the Installation

Once the installation is finished, it makes space for itself in the system tray. Naturally, the Alt is activated by default. However, you can change the settings of the keys through ‘Preferences’ according to your habit and taste. You can select any Alt key – the right one or the left. Apart from that, you can also select which mouse button you wish to use for what action.

In the General tab, you will find the option of using the app immediately when you log on. You can even choose the settings location here.

general tab

In the Keys and buttons tab, there are options for choosing the Alt key and the mouse buttons. The app allows you to move the window with any mouse button according to your choice – right, left or middle. In the same way, you can even resize the window with any one of these three mouse buttons. ‘Resizing’, ‘Scrolling’ and ‘About’ are the other three tabs in the app.

resize tab

Once you have set the preferences according to your choice, you are good to go. According to your settings, now you can move or resize the windows in any defined manner. Here is one amusing part in the ‘Resize’ option. Observe how the arrow changes the diagonal direction when you click to the right part of the title bar or to the left part. It ‘reads’ where you have clicked.