How To Group Similar Apps Using Folders On Your iOS 4 iPhone or iPod Touch

It is not always feasible to use the technology on offer. There can be potholes that you are bound to tumble upon. Grouping similar applications is one of them. It can soon be a headache if you let the apps remain unorganized. The best way to organize them is to use folders.

How to Add Apps To Folders If You Are On iPod Touch Or iPhone

On your iPod Touch or iPhone come on the home screen first. Then press and hold down your desired application and wait for the icon to wiggle. This means that the icon is ready for you to roam around the screen. After this, drag the app into another desired app of your choice.

The phone then ‘reads’ the names of the apps to help you with the name of the folder. You will get a recommendation of a name based on the blend of the apps you worked with. If you are not happy with it, do not worry. You can generate your own favorite name for the folder. Once you have a folder ready, then you can work with other apps to drop them in this folder.

Once you are done with moving all the apps of your choice, you will like to see the contents of the folder. Click on the folder and it will display the contents for you. What you can also do is move the apps from the Dock straight into the folders too. Then go on to replace the apps on the Dock with the folders.

How To Create a Folder

If you think you need some more information, here it is for you. These are the very basics of creating and editing folders in your iPhone. To do this, you have to be on the Home-screen-editing mode. Then tap and hold the icon until it shudders. You will see the ‘X’ (delete) button. Then drag any app to incorporate in the folder.

To assign any custom name to the folder, tap the name field and enter the desired name. When you are done, just tap the Home button to come out of the edit mode.

The Other Side of iPod Touch or iPhone

As we mentioned the ease with which you can add apps to a single folder your iPod Touch or iPhone, there is one irritation you may face if the number of your apps is huge. Right now, the present iOS allows you to add only 12 items per folder.

The second drawback is that you cannot create sub-folder in new folders as well. However, an update 4.2 of iOS is expected to be released in November. It will address the current issues. There will be space for 20 items per folder as against the 12 permitted currently.

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Folders with iTunes

iTunes supports the folders on your device too. Therefore, you can use it to control the applications available with you. Simply drag the app that you wish to synchronize to the folder of your choice. Secondly, iTunes supports if you wish to rename any folder.

Thus, it is not a very tough task to group similar applications on folders of your iOS 4 iPhone and iPod touch. Try it out and let us know your feedback!