How To Hack Your Wii For Homebrew Games And DVD Playback

In this section we will tell you how to use SmashStack to hack your Wii and play emulated games on the Wii as well as the DVD playback.

How to Get Start Hack Wii For Homebrew Games And DVD Playback

You will require Super Smash Bros Brawl, a single Gamecube controller and an SD/SDHC card. Before you begin, check the Wiibrew Compatibility of your SD card.

How To Hack Your Wii For Homebrew Games And DVD Playback

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Getting Started

The first and foremost thing to do is to update your Wii software. You should have the latest version of Wii. Next, play the Brawl and make backups of all the steps and store them in your SD card. Copy the contents of the card on to your machine.

Check that the Wii is stage-free. Make sure that your Wii is stage-free before continuing. Now get prepared for hack. First download and then transfer the hack on your SD card. This can be done on your PC.

Now insert the SD card in your machine and begin downloading the SmashStack material as well as the HackMii Installer. Both of them are in the format of a zip file. Unzip both the files and copy the folder on to your SD card.

How to Do the Real Hack?

Once all the above mentioned steps are taken care of, you can begin the actual process. Insert the SD card in Wii and upload the Super Smash Bros Brawl. To do this, open the stage editor and it will start doing the needful on its own.

Hack Your Wii For Homebrew Games And DVD Playback

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You will not have to key in any commands. You will get a black screen that will contain some text as well. You will receive a prompt to tap the 1 button. Once you click on it you will receive a list of all the things that can be installed in your system.

How to Use BootMii?

BootMii, as the name suggests, is a boot loader and it can be used only for Wii’s that were manufactured before mid 2008. A BootMii is very similar to GRUB/LiLo in its functionality, however, the former lets you make backups of the memory of your Wii.

Hack Your Wii For Homebrew Games

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What is The HomeBrew Browser?

Insert the SD card again in your machine and install the Homebrew Browser. This is an application that lets you navigate through different applications, downloads and well as installations. And all this can be done directly from your Wii console. This is so easy!

To use the Homebrew Browser, make a new folder – apps – in your SD card. Unzip the homebrew browser and transfer all the data into the newly created folder.

How To Hack Your Wii For Homebrew Games And DVD Playback

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Now push the SD card back into the Wii. Connect the Wii to the wireless network connection. Now start the Homebrew Channel. Next, select the Homebrew browser using the Wii remote. You will come to a screen. Don’t worry about it. The screen will first show the cache of the other images that have also been downloaded.

Once the cache of other things stops, you will be directed to the list of apps. Simply click on any app to get information on it. If the application is relevant to you, install it.