How To Hide Data in a Secret Text File Compartment

In this section we will tell you how to hide data in a text file where nobody can find them (unless they are aware of the name of your secret file). Hide Data in a Secret Text File Compartment

How to use secret text file compartment for hiding data?

All the Windows versions since post (and including) Windows 2007 have used Alternate Data Streams using the help of NTFS file.

The Alternate Data Streams is a useful tool that protects your data by hiding it as a filename using a stream name. Does this sound confusing to you? Read on how to keep your secret files hidden from prying users.

Files have many extra streams that are actually used as secret compartments for hiding personal data especially on shared computers. Other people are not even aware of these files unless they know the secret code for accessing the files. In most cases, the stream name acts as the secret code as well.

However, this is not considered the best way of securing your hidden data. Let’s look at how this can be done in a fun and easy way. Remember, this method can be used for hiding your secret files only if your drive has been formatted using the NTFS.

How to hide your secret data in a secret compartment?

In the command prompt, type the following:
notepad SomeFile.txt:SecretWordHere.txt

secret file

This is a syntax used for naming your secret file. The name for your file needs to come post the colon mark. However, DO NOT leave any spaces between the colon and the file name.

notepad dialog

Cut and paste your secret data to this file once you have named it appropriately. Save the file. There will be no changes in the size of your file.

secret data

Double click the file icon and open it to check if everything included in the file is working fine.
You even have the option of including a second compartment in the file. This compartment will again remain hidden from every one. To include another compartment you will have to use another command line.

second hidden compartment

The files in your two hidden compartments will not bother each other. All you will have to do is utilize the same command line to open your hidden data.

How do you find out files with streams?

Your files are still not completely hidden. The application Streams.exe can be used for detecting all files with streams. This application also gives out the names for the streams.

finding streams

How do you delete the streams?

The same application, Streams.exe, can be used for deleting the streams from all your hidden files. The following syntax will help:
streams.exe -d SomeFile.txt

deleting stream

Type the syntax and hit ENTER. All the files containing streams will be deleted.

How does one add hidden streams from Command Line?

There are specific command lines that are used exclusively for adding data in your hidden stream. In order to add hidden stream use the command echo “Neat!” > SomeFile.txt:Test.

Adding to Hidden Streams from the Command Line

Note: Streams isn’t the best way of securing your secret data. TrueCrypt is better at hiding your secret files and works.