How To Hide Flash Animations in Google Chrome

How many times do you get irritated by those annoying flash animations or ads in Web pages while you are browsing the World Wide Web? Guessing that the reply will be ‘countless’, I am sure that you are looking for a cool way of tackling these flash ads or animations that result in browser instability and memory hogging.

block flash animations in google chrome

For Firefox users, there’s FlashBlock that ensure full protection from this annoyance. However, what about the Chrome users? How they can deal with these haphazardly present animations on the Web? Well, the good news is that one can block flash in Chrome with the help of BlockFlash2, a user script that offers good protection against those randomly moving elements. So, are you a Chrome user? Well, then read ahead to know how it works in Chrome.

Allowing Chrome To Working With User Scripts

Before using the BlockFLash2 to block flash in Chrome, you have to make the browser ready for using such a script. To do so, right click Google Chrome on desktop and select Properties.

right click properties

This will open the Properties dialog box with the Shortcut tab activated. Now, in the Target field, at the end of the present path, add a space and the command, –enable-user-scripts. This will enable the user scripts command. Finally, click Apply and OK.

google chrome properties

Downloading the BlockFLash2 Script

This is the next step wherein you have to install the BlockFlash2 script from Finally, you will see a small message on your toolbar, which states how to use the script.

Storing The Script At The Right Location

This is the third (optional) step wherein you have to place the utility in the User Scripts folder. To do so, spot the Google folder that is always resent in the AppData directory of the user folder. In short, you need to navigate to [User] --> Local Settings --> Application Data --> Google --> Chrome --> User Data --> Default.

Next, create a folder called User Scripts at this location. While naming the folder, ensure that you add ‘s’ at the end. Now, you will have to download the script from the above URL’s Source Code tab. Preferably, you will have to copy and paste the code and save it as BlockFlash2.user.js in the newly created folder. That’s it! You will now be protected from the Flash ads, as the script will block flash in Chrome.

blockflash2 user

Watching The Script In Action

To see how the BlockFlash2 user script blocks flash in Chrome, just open the site that contains at least two Flash animations. You will now see that the flash elements are hidden. In fact, in the area of the flash elements, you will see a thin orange bar stating [Play Flash]. This means that the user script works by hiding the flash ads or animations.

In case you want to access the hidden flash ad, just click [Play Flash] and you will be able to view the animation without any problems. Notice that the orange bar is still there, but this time, it displays [Stop Flash]. This certainly indicates that you can stop flash by just clicking it again.

stop flash

Do you realize one more benefit of using this script? Well, you can control what to see and what not to see while you are browsing the Web. Isn’t that amazing? Well, do share your experiences in comments!