How To Import Facebook Friends Into Google+?

Until now, many of us must have already joined the next generation social network called the Google+, a tough competitor to Facebook and Twitter! Are you one of them after registering on Facebook and Twitter? If yes, then I am sure, you must have at least thought of importing Facebook friends into it, haven’t you? But let me tell you that Facebook is trying its level best to sustain you as its user. This certainly means that it is not going to be so simple for you to import Facebook friends in the social network of Google+. However, there is a third-party that can facilitate this entry in Google+. Sounds interesting, right? Well, let us check this out now!

Why Import Facebook Friends

Although Google+ is a new fantasy in the world of social networking, which is appealing enough to rob the users of its competitors; there are yet many people who do not prefer jumping from Facebook or Twitter to Google+. This is mainly because they are at the high risk of losing their friends. This is where a facility like importing friends and contacts come into picture to expand the scope of social networking.

Importing friends of Facebook into Google+ can give you richer social experience. The best part of Google+ is that it is truly a sharing platform where you can share items with whomever you want via segmentation. For example, you can create one circle for IT tips and another for weight loss info. So, you now know how useful it is to import Facebook friends, which is essential for effective socialization on Google+.

What Facebook Is Doing To Avert The Import Process

Well, there are two tricks implemented by Facebook, which do not want allow easy access to its contacts. First, Facebook has blocked the Facebook Friend Exporter, a Google Chrome extension for exporting contacts. Second, Facebook has modified its OAuth 2.0 API to prevent the exposure of the users’ email IDs. Despite these actions, there is yet a left out loophole via which you can import Facebook contacts.

How About Taking the Advantage of Loophole In the Form of Third-Party’s Indirect Interference

It is Yahoo through which you can easily import Facebook friends into Google+. So, all you need is three accounts: Facebook, Google+, and Yahoo!

How To Import Facebook Friends

Here are the steps to use yahoo for importing Facebook friends into the next generation social network.

1. Log on to your Facebook and Yahoo! accounts.

2. Click the Contacts tab on the Yahoo! Mail page.

3. On the right side, click the Import Contacts button.

4. Click the Facebook icon. The Share with Yahoo window appears.

5. Click the OKAY button. The screen saying Congratulations! appears, which means that the importing your Facebook friends into Yahoo is successful.

6. Click the View imported contacts link.

7. Select the Select All check box in the middle pane.

8. Select Actions --> Export All.

9. Click the Export Now button near the Yahoo CSV option.

10. Fill the CAPTCHA.

11. Click the Export Now link to download the .csv file of contacts (It will be stored in the Downloads folder).

12. Open your Gmail account.

13. Select Contacts --> New Group from the left pane.

14. Give a suitable name to the group.

15. Select the new group in the left pane.

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16. Select More --> Import. The Import Contacts dialog box appears.

17. Click the Choose File button and browse to the download file.

18. Ensure that the new group is selected.

19. Click the Import button.

20. Log on to Google+.

21. Click Circles --> Find and Invite.

22. Voila! You can now add friends to your circles. In case they have not joined Google+, they can access your updates via e-mails until they register on Google+.

So, start adding them to Google+ circles and also share your experience with us!