How To Improve Follow Back Rate On Twitter

Out in town everybody who wants to make money online speaks about marketing by using  Yes, you can earn money by using Twitter in your marketing efforts.  This is possible only when you maintain a good “Follow Back Rate”.

improve follow back rate on twitter

Ways and Means to Improve Follow Back Rate

Now, let us first discuss about “Follow Back Rate”.  It is simply a ratio between number of people you are following and the number of people who are following.  A ratio of 10:8 is a good idea.

One important thing for you is not to make use of any software for this purpose.  With the help of these softwares you can automatically follow people and after certain time period they will also assist you to unfollow those who are not following back.

Many who had been following you would have been using the same follower, so there would not have been real engagement with Twitter by these people and so they would not have read your tweets.  Moreover, you can be sure that these people would not buy any products from you or those recommended by you.

Now, the best way to get real genuine followers is to improve your “Follow Back Rate”.  If you are having hundred followers atleast 80% of them must follow back, even if many of them are users of softwares.  If your “Follow Back Rate” is high than it means that you have become darling to many of your followers or they are interested in you.

This reduces your risk of being suspended or flagged by Twitter.  You can also save your time spend for unfollowing by improving your “Follow Back Rate.”  Positive aspect of such a situation is that many of your followers will become your customers and highly interested in your business.

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There is one easy way to develop and maintain high “Follow Back Rate “ and that is to maintain your Twitter profile in an appropriate way.  Having a Twitter background with a professional touch will project you and your business in a positive way.  Your personal profile also means a lot, putting your real photo, a simple description of yourself, your real name, your website, your interest, your location, etc can be very useful in attracting followers, the informations you provide must be trustworthy.  Users of Twitter prefer to follow people who are honest and trustworthy.

twitter business page

All of your tweets must be informative and attractive to look at.  Before a person becomes your follower they read your tweets. Over the Twitter, your tweets represent the purpose of being there.  To attract people from different groups there are many type of tweets that can be used.

There is one type of tweet that you must avoid, the one with a promotional link at the beginning.  Instead send tweets containing valuable information to readers.  The reason is people come to twitter in search of information which will be beneficial to them.

Thus, there are many other ways to improve your “Follow Back Rate”.  Whichever way you adopt, please take care that you are proving yourself to be a trustworthy and a valuable person who can give benefits.