How To Increase Battery Life of Android Phone

Android Smart phones are known for its cool features. However, this phone when compared to other parallel smart phones like Blackberry looses on battery point.

A full charge of battery doesn’t last for more than about eight hours. It might be very common to hear that Android users are charging their phones thrice a day! Here are some cool tips to increase the battery life drastically depending of course on the amount of usage.

First and foremost, the easiest thing that can be done is shut down the Applications not in use. People generally have a habit of opening an application and leaving it without closing it properly. Check your settings for any Application being open especially in Network and Wireless.

Discharge Your Battery Fully After Thirty Days Or Cycles

 This practice works because after a point the operating system is not able to judge that actually how much charge really is remaining in the phone. Though it might be signaling a low battery, it actually might not be. So, to keep the accuracy in tune, discharge the phone completely till the point it does not switch on and then charge it to 100 percent.

Reduce The Update Alerts That You Receive Of Your Emails

 Instead of getting alerts for each and every email and message rather set the frequency twice on a daily basis. This of course saves the power of the phone and let’s you enjoy the features of the phone too.

Place The Phone Where Signal Is Full Or Best Possible

This just does not apply to Android but a normal phone too. Keeping the phone where signal is weak, keeps the phone power on its toes as the phone is constantly trying to get signal.

Keep Brightness Of Phone Just As Much Is Required

 Brightness contributes to the battery usage, so keeping it just right is a good practice for every phone.

Uninstall The Not Required Applications

This especially applies for the applications which keep on running in the background and seldom die! Check your settings for such power eating malicious type of applications.

Select a Home Screen Which Uses Least Colors

Using a very bright and colorful home screen is known to eat a lot of power, consider using a black and white kind of screen.

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Keep A Wi-Fi Timeout For Wireless Applications

 This phone comes with a Wi-Fi management screen. Go to the Wi-Fi Settings tab and select the timeout period for your Wi-Fi. Though when you use Wi-Fi the application takes time to start running but it saves a lot on battery power.

Switch Of Gps When Not Required

GPS is one Dracula Application that just swallows the power of battery. This application anyways should be switched on when really the directions are getting difficult!

Keep The Phone In A Cool Place

The phone does not use more power but the battery suffers when the phone is kept in hot places. So, to increase the battery life keep the phone in a cool place.

Downloads Should Be Done While The Phone Is On Charge

When downloading any application it should be common sense to keep the phone on charge as Wi-Fi is one of the Dracula Applications in eating battery.