How To Install a GeForce 7300 GS 512 MB

The demand for graphics card is fast growing growing.  It is essential not only for the video gamer but is also important for multimedia industries.  Every user who works in those industries needs a high performance GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

Our home PC comes with onboard graphics & that is not sufficient for the users who need more video performance and acceleration.

They need something that can suit their current hardware system as well as pocket.  This GeForce 7300 GS is fitted well with both requirements.  There are several models available in particular GeForce series graphics card.  Now we are talking about GeForce 7300 GS 512 MB.  We know about GeForce 7300 GS, but if you ask, what is 512 MB?

Answer is 512 Megabyte is the processing power of the video ram of this graphics card.

Something you need to remember before Installation:

Here you are about to install a new system into your PC.  If your PC is old, then make sure your PC supports a Graphics card.  Every working PC comes with graphics hardware.  Means some motherboard has onboard graphics & some come with a low performance video card.  Finding out whether your PC has onboard graphics, or it has a card, is very important.  Here you install a new system by replacing old one,

If your computer has another graphics card, then uninstall it by Right click My computer > Properties > Hardware > Device manager > click

Display adaptor > Right click to the entry select your existing card & uninstall it.

Installation process:


Turn off your computer & unplug it from main RAW power source.  Now plug off all jacks like monitor, mouse, printer, USB, everything.  Now take a screwdriver & open the case.  Some model uses some lock to open the case.  Don’t worry if you watch & judge carefully it is easy to open that case.

Now look at the back of your cabinet, there is a metal plate that covers your cabinet from back, remove it.  If your machine has a graphics card, then you don’t need to remove any plate.  New one will fit in the space of old.  It is this space where your card will connect with monitor.  Take a Long hair brush or vacuum cleaner & clean inside your PC properly.

Second step:

Locate the slot.  You can easily identify PCI Express slot.  Now look if there are any Graphics card installed or not?  If yes, then remove it.  Now you can notice a notch or cut mark into the connector panel of your card & notice that your PCI Express slot has the same type, but opposite locking system, put your new card into the slot.  Give a gentle pressure into card & it will insert into slot.  Tighten all screw properly & close your cabinet.

Step 3:

Put all jacks you removed in place, like mouse, keyboard etc.  Power up your PC & insert the driver CD of your graphics card & follow the instructions.  Remember that Installation of graphics related hardware is very sensitive to your system, so read every step of your manual & CD carefully.  After installation, your machine need to reconfigure its BIOS setup, just make it default, it will adjust it into new system.