How To Install a Wireless Card in Dell Laptop


Connecting to the Internet without any attached cables while on the go is deemed by many, especially with the increasing number of Wi-Fi hotspots.

Devices like desktops, laptops and tablet PCs come equipped with a wireless card which is either pre-installed or can be even purchased or upgraded. Wireless Cards (also known as WLAN) connect to the signals in Wi-Fi enabled area and bring to you Internet access by negating the need for messy cables. These cards further enhance your wireless compatibility and allow ease-of-use.

Talking precisely about laptops from the renowned manufacturer Dell, there are several wireless cards to choose from. Also, installing a wireless card in case of damage or upgrade isn’t a tedious task if the procedure is followed accurately. Let’s run through a step by step process on how to install a Wireless Card in Dell laptop.

Step 1:

Plug out all the peripherals connected to the Dell laptop. Ensure that the device isn’t connected to the power cord either. It is important to shut down the laptop before you begin exploring. This is to ensure that there is no residue electric power which could prove to be hazardous. It is also necessary to use a wrist strap to safeguard against electric power if any.

Step 2:

Turn the laptop upside down and eject out the battery depending upon the model of the Dell laptop. You can keep the Dell manual handy to follow the related instructions to take out the battery and also locate the section or compartment which houses the wireless card. Here you may require a screw driver.

Step 3:

Once you locate the wireless card section, follow the manual which will guide you through the process to eject out the wireless card. Ensure that you take off all the wires which keep it attached to the motherboard. You will have to release the card using your fingers and a slight pressure, depending upon the Dell model.

Step 4:

Carefully insert the new wireless graphics card and connect it securely to the motherboard using the wires. Re-check the connections in the wireless card compartment until you are sure of its attachments.

Step 5:

Close the wireless card compartment and latch it for no further intervention. You can also place back the battery and latch it sturdily. Recheck the compartment latches once again.

Step 6:

This completes the hardware installation. However, the Dell machine will not recognize the card until the essential drivers have been installed. The drivers will be made available online or through the company site or a CD included with the card. It requires the appropriate drivers and software by following online instructions to work effectively. On completion, the Dell laptop will be ready to access Internet wirelessly.

Always keep the Dell user manual handy. This would guide you through several procedures which could be specific to your laptop model. Moreover, it will also ensure that you don’t damage the laptop with any wrong moves. So, next time you plan to install a Wireless Card in Dell Laptop, these simple steps could be beneficial.



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