How To Install and Manage Extensions to Safari 5

Extensions are really important to people who want to travel that extra mile for improving the features of their systems. Almost all browsers in the market are providing margins ad-on features and tools that can do wonderful things.

Notably, extension, plugins, add-ons and application are now the integral part of browsing needs. Even in the Safari 5there are several hacks to include extensions now and the browser offers proper support too. So if you are now sure how to use these extensions then we have a guide for you. Let’s see how you can install various extensions in the latest version of Safari and manage it later after installation.

Installation Of Safari 5

Firstly, download the Safari 5 for your computer and make sure that you don’ install QuickTime with it if you don’t want it. Also uncheck the option of getting latest Apple updates and news on your email.

The installation process will then take you to the options to install Bonjour for Windows and will provide option to automatically update Safari or not, check the settings you need and click ‘Install’ and the installation process will be completed in some seconds and now you can setup the extension.

Safari 5 Setup

After the installation of Safari, launch it from the desktop icon. Now navigate to the settings menu and select ‘Show Menu Bar’

After that go to the Advanced Preferences and you will find a check box near the text ‘Show Develop menu in menu bar’, check this option and you’ll see that a new develop menu will appear between the Bookmarks and Window options at the top of Safari.

Now click on this ‘Develop’ and select ‘Enable Extensions’. Your Safari 5 will now be able to support the extensions now.

Safari 5 Extensions

Now you can start searching the available extensions for your Safari browser and use it as you like. For installing an extension, you’ll need to click on the available link. You will soon get a confirmation of this in a window, asking you whether to OPEN, SAVE or CANCEL the file.

If you choose to open it then it would instantly start installation. The new installation window will ask you to INSTALL or DON’T INSTALL. Click on install and your extension will be installed now. Probably, an icon will be placed on the task bar or other place depending on the nature of extension, so click on that icon to run the tools whenever required.

Safari 5 Uninstall

Later, to turn the extension off or on or to just uninstall it from your system, just navigate to Preferences and then Extensions.

There you can find all the installed extension, check or uncheck for usage or click on UNINSTALL to completely remove the extension.


Safari 5 is no doubt an amazing browser and if you are looking to use it on your system and are worried about its compatibility with extension then don’t bother. You can now install various extensions on this browser to optimize the surfing experience as per your requirements.