How to Install and Setup Windows Home Server

Setting up a windows home server is the best way of bringing together important documents, files, folders, videos and music of all personal computers to the main server.

Let us look at how to install and configure the windows home server so that one has access to all PCs from one server.

windows home server

What is Windows Home Server?

Windows Home Server or WHS is specifically used by end customers to set up a single network for all the machines installed at their homes or at small offices. Using the Windows Home Server one can centralize as well as compartmentalize frequently required documents and files, all in one place. You can easily access this collated information from any of the machines that are a part of your network. WHS can provide support to 10 computers. It serves multi-purposes; it can be used as a media server, for data recovery, and for managing documents and files.

How to Install Windows Home Server

One can buy server machines that have WHS installed beforehand. However, one can also make their own WHS. You can use an old desktop to run Windows Home Server on. You will require a machine that has an 80GB Hard Drive, a 1GHz Pentium III processor and 512 MB of RAM. Remember, these are the minimum requirements; the recommended requirements are a little different. You can check them on Microsoft’s website.

installing windows home server

Begin the Process of Installation

Installing Windows Home Server is no rocket science. In fact the entire procedure is easy and not very complex to follow.

Insert the CD for WHS installation and start the install wizard.

The next step is to choose your location and keyboard settings.

region and keyboard settings

Your machine has multiple drives; select the appropriate drive/s. In case there are multiple drives then ensure that they are at least listed. You can even add more drives later in the future.

Select the New Installation tab.

Select New Installation

Accept the conditions of Microsoft EULA.

microsoft eula terms

Go to Windows Home Server Product Key.

Windows Home Server Product Key
Give your new Windows Home Server an appropriate name.

naming the home server
Re-check the hard drives that are to be formatted.

veryfying hard disks

You will have to re-confirm if the entire data needs to be deleted from all the drives.

confirm data to be deleted

Now begins the installation process which will take some time to complete. The completion time for the installation is dependent on the system on which the Windows Home Server is being installed. However, one hour is the minimum time that the installation will take.

windows home server installation begins

While the WHS is being installed you can sit back and relax. The machine will reboot many times and will show different screens until the whole process gets over.

Once the installation is complete, you will be directed to a Welcome screen. You will have to select and type in a password and password hint for the WHS. At this point you can also choose to set up automatic updates for your Home Server.

windows home server password

How to Setup WHS?

Install the Windows Home Server Connector in order to bring all the computers in your network under one server. The Connector comes as a separate download. The WHS Connector needs to be installed on all the machines sunder your network; only then will you be able to connect the machines to the server.