How To Install HP Laser Jet 1320 Memory Card

Hewlett Packard has dominated and perhaps will continue to dominate the market for business laser printers and surely there is a reason for it. The company has a solid idea of what the users want. Be it a durable performance, well manageability or an extraordinary technical support.  The HP Laser Jet 1320 is both a home and an office printer, capable of delivering essentials. Sharp and clean prints come out of the printer when you enter the paper.  Professional documents and manuscripts will suit the printer more than taking out funky photographs.

The HP Laser Jet 1320 has multipurpose input tray which can be easily accessed through the door on the front so that quick printouts of the letters and envelopes can be taken out.  The only little thing that is disadvantageous to the printer goodwill is that networking and an additional paper tray will cost extra.

Procedure To install an HP Laser Jet 1320 Memory Card:

The HP Laser Jet 1320 monochrome business level printer has printing resolution of 1200 x 1200 dots per square inch and a sheet input tray capacity of 250 sheets. 16 MB of an internal memory is there in the printer. To increase the document handling capacity an additional memory is fitted onto the printer.  Thus complex printing jobs are dealt more carefully and the efficiency increases. The expansion slot accommodates up to 128 MB with 100 DIMM memory modules.

To begin with, in the beginning check whether the printer is turned off. If it is not, then turn it off using the ON/OFF rocker switch which is located on the right hand side of the HP Laser Jet 1320. Make sure that you have disconnected the power cable from the rear.

If any USB or any parallel port cables are connected to the rear, do not forget to disconnect them. Check the printer’s output tray and open the toner cartridge door. It is seen in the front of the output tray. Now try and separate the rear edge of the left side from the printer.

The side mounted Dimm slot needs to be exposed by removing the left sided panel. The expansion side with two latches is faced towards the front of the machine. Use your fingers to push the locking latches (cam) in the outward direction. Now take the anti static wristband and attach it onto your wrist. Check for the alligator clip on it and attach to the metal ground on the rear of the machine.

The anti static package is extremely protective. Remove the DIMM from it. Be careful in the removal and make sure you do not touch the metal contacts or the memory chips. Catch hold of the edges with the notch facing upwards. Now inserting procedure of the DIMM has to begin with the metal contact side going into the slot for expansion.

Now replace the side cover and close down the door. Disconnect the strap attached to your wrist and again reconnect the power. Again reconnect the USB and turn on the printer. Check out whether the all the printer lights a flashing or not. Finally, print a configuration page by holding the GO button.  This is done to check if the memory in the printer is same with that of the configuration page.