How To Install iTunes Without Extra Bloatware

It is possible to install the iTunes 10 on the Windows OS 7 without the need of any additional bloat. However, here is another version where the least installation is required. Have a look at the step by step lesson. The iTunes 10 from Apple is nothing to talk about. This tutorial can help you avoid the unnecessary junk when installing.

Shifting from iTunes 9 to iTunes 10 should not be the typically seen switch over to the next version. However, you will need the iTunes 10 installer to get started.

Note: These steps have been carried out on a Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.

Tips To Install iTunes Without Extra Bloatware

Extract Files From iTunes 10 Installer

Install iTunes Without Extra Bloatware

Once you have downloaded the iTunes 10 installer, extract the files in it for opening the archive. Once done, you will see a list of components that come in the installer. However, you will not need all of them. After all, we are using the minimal installation.

For The Minimal Installation, You Will Need The Fllowing Files

  • iTunes.msi
  • QuickTime.msi
  • AppleApplicationSupport.msi

Install iTunes Without Extra Bloatware

To extract these files, select them one by one while holding the CTRL key and selecting each file from the list. Extract the files to a folder on your hard disk. Select a suitable folder which you can easily remember and access in a few clicks only. For the convenience’s sake, name the folder something like “iTunes lowest configuration” etc.

With the above options, you will be able to use the iPod Mini, Classic, Shuffle or Nano as you are running the iTunes. As this is the minimum installation, you will not be able to use the iPod Touch, an iPhone, an iPad or an Apple TV. You will also not be able to use any other sharing features as well.

Install iTunes Without Extra Bloatware

When you have extracted the files, open the folder. You will see the files there with setup icons. Now open the Command Prompt in Win 7 by typing “cmd” in the search box. A “/passive” switch will do the magic here.

Install iTunes Without Extra Bloatware

Type in the path of the file and end it with “/passive” at the end of the path name. you can run each file individually so that you can check the progress of each file being installed separately. It is easy to know the status this way.

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Launching iTunes After Installation

Install iTunes Without Extra Bloatware

Once the above process for the three files is completed, you should see the iTunes and QuickTime icons on the desktop. Launch iTunes and the Setup Assistant will open up.

Install iTunes Without Extra Bloatware

You will be accosted by the Bonjour service. Just ignore it as it is not a part of the minimal setup.

Install iTunes Without Extra Bloatware

Once you go through this stage, the minimal setup is over. Now you can start to use the iTunes and there will be no junk at all. Even with the minimal requirements, you can use the Apple devices described above. These steps should help you install the iTunes with minimal necessities. If you want to use the Bonjour services for its ability to support the iPhone and iPad, you will need to install the files.