How To Install Memory in a Lenovo T500 Computer

Installing memory into Lenovo t500 is not at all a difficult task. The functioning of the memory of a desktop and that of a laptop does not differ, what differs is the size. The size of the laptop memory module is much smaller as compared to the module of the desktop.

When you feel that your laptop or desktop is performing sluggishly and doing the operations slowly, then it is time to increase the memory of the computer. All you need to do is purchase an additional memory module and fit it into your computer. In most of the situations, we find that Lenovo computers come with a dual in-line memory module or DIMM.

It is located on the top of your computer under the area for palm rest, unlike other computers. Installing a new memory into your computer does not need much knowledge about the technicalities. You just need to have some basic knowledge or you can take help from any technician as well.

Installing the Memory

To install memory into your Lenovo t500 computer, firstly switch off your computer and unplug all the cables that are connected to it. Close the display screen and after you have done that, it is time to turn your Lenovo t500 upside down, since the memory slot is located on the top side of the laptop. Take out the battery of the laptop from its compartment situated at the bottom.

Once you have taken out the battery, you need to find out the four screws that are marked with keyboard icons. Those screws are marks which imply that there lies the memory slot. Locate and remove them from the laptop. Open the screen after turning the laptop right side up.

Installing Into the Memory Slots

After you have taken out the screws, you will see that there are two memory slots available, one is the upper slot and second is the lower slot. You will see the DIMM in the lower slot. Pull the tabs to take out the memory module. It will pop up slightly.

Remove the memory module from the memory slot, which is the lower slot. Insert the new memory inside the memory slot, inserting the notched edge into the socket first. Remember, you have to install the DIMM in the lower slot, not the upper one.

If you want to install a second memory, you can insert it into the upper slot. It is optional and is totally your choice if you want to do it. Fix it into your Lenovo t500. Make sure that you have fixed the memory board properly into the slot. Finally, put the screen back to your Lenovo t500 and turn on the laptop. I am sure you will be very happy to see your laptop working once again!

By this time, you have understood that inserting a memory into your computer is not at all a difficult task. It is very much easy; you just have to follow the right procedures to get the job done properly.