How To Install Muffin Fan For Hard Drive

Many people tend to ignore the thermal maintenance required for computers while building a design. This is especially true in case of hard drives; the hard drives require a high and constant range of temperature to operate smoothly. Using a hard drive cooling fan, also known as ‘muffin fan’ will considerably decrease the temperature under which the hard drives run. Decrease in temperature of the hard drive boosts its operating efficiency as it increases the number of RPM spins during the process of data retrieval. This in turn allows the hard drive to run for a longer period of time without getting conked off.

More and more people are now building their own Personal Computers. While building a computer they should not overlook the installation of a muffin fan in the PC. To increase the safety and operating levels of the computers it is necessary to have low core temperature in the hard drive. Not installing the muffin fan can overheat the central processing unit and cause it irreparable damage.

In this article we will tell you how to install muffin fan in the correct manner.

1.    Unplug the computer from all electrical points and detach the access panel on the side of the computer. The access panel can be removed by unscrewing the screws present in the front of the case.

2.    Look for the hard drive inside the case. The fan needs to be attached to the hard drive. Remove the hard drive from its position by gently pushing it towards the front part of the computer frame.

3.    Now place the muffin fan on top of the hard drive. The fan, with its mounting brackets, will be fitted on top of the hard drive’s label.

4.    Secure the muffin fan in place using the mounting screws provided with the fan. The screws should be tightened properly in their place.

5.    Reinstate the hard drive in its proper position now.

6.    The power cable, given along with the muffin fan, needs to be connected to a four-pin Molex connector. This connector is located in the computer’s power supply unit or the CPU.

7.    Put the side access panel in its place and reconnect all the electrical connections that were there previously.

Tips for Installing Muffin Fan:

•    Before you begin the installation process, check in your user manual guide whether your processor requires thermal paste as well for the connection. The user manual will also be able to tell you whether the installation of the fan has been done correctly or not. This is important because if you fail to install the fan properly then the hard drive will receive inadequate or no cooling.

•    To fit the fan correctly, look for the arrow mark on the fan; this arrow mark will also be there in one of the corners of the processor. The two marks should be in sync when you install the muffin fan.

•    The thermal paste should be spread in an even manner over the processor. This is important to ensure the fan remains attached to the hard drive.