How To Install Non-Market Apps on Your Android Device

Android innovations have provided such an open platform to the users that offer them to customize their phones as they want. One can get thousands of apps from the Android market but still some people don’t think that it is enough for them.

They want to further customize their android phones with other applications which are not available at Android market. Although, Android’s default defence restricts the user from doing this, you can still install other apps with the help of following guide.

Why Can’t You Install Other Apps?

Android phones are made in a way that the OS doesn’t allow any vague app from the market. This is actually a very good thing users who don’t have much knowledge about Android can end up installing malicious applications which might harm their phones’ software.

The defence mechanism by default is strict towards other applications which violate the Android market policies and pops out an error message reading “For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not sourced in Android Market”, so you’ll need to deactivate this feature for installing other apps.

How Can You Deactivate It?

If you are sure that the security mechanism should be disabled then tap on ‘settings’ option that you will see with the error message while installing the app. After that, go to ‘Application settings’ sub menu.

However, if you didn’t try to install and application and want to disable the defence before doing so then go to the ‘Settings’ menu directly through your phone and then ‘Application’ sub menu.

Under the application settings, you will find other options: unknown resources, manage applications, running services, show permissions etc.

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You’ll need to check the ‘Unknown sources’, tap on the option to get an alert and click ‘OK’. The security feature will now be disabled.

How to Install the App?

Now that you have deactivated the default security feature, navigate to the file that is stored on your card or phone for installation. It should be an APK file and as soon as you will tap on it, the installation procedure will be initiated and completed without any problems except if the file you downloaded is corrupt.

What to do After Installation?

After installing the desired app, it is advisable that you re-activate the security against applications that violate Android Market terms. Navigate back to the application settings and uncheck the ‘Unknown Services’ option straight away.

No doubt that you might like to get the best of everything and some of the best apps that you really want can be outside the Android market so this guide will help you to install them. However, be aware of the risks involved with it.

If you choose to turn off the security feature then re-activate as soon as you complete installing the application or else the phone may be targeted by many malicious things. Moreover, only install apps which are risk free as you might end up losing personal data and will be solely responsible for the damage.