How To Install RAM In A Computer

Installation of RAM depends a lot on the type of computer a user possesses. Sometimes, manufacturer of your computer suggest the correct type of RAM needed by your computer.

For installing random access memory (RAM) in a computer, it is important to be familiar with the type of personal computer, speed of random access memory, computer’s power. Choose that type of RAM which comes with a warranty.

Physical Installation of RAM

Before installing RAM, it is important to disconnect all the peripheral devices as well as power chords from your computer.

Subsequently, unbolt the casing of computer. For convenience, a fastener is located on the backside of the machine. That particular fastener contains a bolt which needs to be unlocked with the help of screwdriver. However, the location of fastener is diverse in different models of computer. Prior to installing RAM, make sure that a person installing the memory doesn’t contain any sought of static current.

When computer casing is opened and there is no static current, one most important thing that needs to be done is to establish the exact location of the slots associated with random access memory on motherboard of computer. Typically, RAM slots can be discovered on the upper right corner of the motherboard.

Two Ways of Installing RAM Chip

Today, computers have more than two RAM slots on the motherboard. Sometimes, a blank slot is deliberately created by the manufacturer. A fresh RAM chip can be installed in the computer in two ways. Firstly, a new chip can be inserted if there is an extra RAM slot. Secondly, if no extra slot exists than press on the fastener to free the already installed chip and put the new one.

Fasteners are located on right and left side of the slot and can be identified by white colour. Move both the fasteners in the direction of computer.

Now, look for fasteners on both side of the chip. Remember, when you take out the old RAM chip, there should be no tapping on its surface as it can tear down the delicately positioned connectors. Moreover, always comprehend the instruction manual that comes with the RAM chip.

After that, review the available slots on the motherboard. Ports associated with RAM contain a special type of indentation inside every slot of memory. Assemble the indentation located on the motherboard slot in sync with indentation mark of new RAM chip.Push down both the fasteners lightly till they get locked and secured entirely. Cleaning computer from inside is a good option only if its casing is opened. After that, lock the computer casing and fix eachand every computer cable with the machine. Do not forget to attach the power cable.

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Switching on the computer after installing new memory chip will display details of fresh configurations detected by the system. The viability of new RAM chip can be checked by observing the speed with which application programs work.

The amount of total RAM that a computer system holds can be easily seen by an average user by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del keys which will open up the task manager window. In that, there will be information regarding physical memory of the system.