How To Integrate Google Docs With Outlook The Easy Way

Google docs are free web based office suite and data storage service of Google. The documents accessed through this application suite are stored into your account online and are accessible over the internet anywhere. Google docs enable the users to create and edit documents while online.

How To Integrate Google Docs With Outlook The Easy Way

It also allows an instantaneous collaboration with other online users. Google docs facilitate creating Spreadsheets, Documents and presentations, introduced through web interface or sent through email. Users can automatically save the documents in their computers in a variety of formats like ODF, HTML, MICROSOFT OFFICE, PDF and RTF thereby preventing any data loss.

The users can tag and archive the documents for organizational purposes. Google docs are officially supported by the services of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers running on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple OX S operating systems. Google docs serve as a mutual tool in real-time editing. Multiple users can open, share and edit documents at the same time.

Google doc is one of the many cloud computing free document sharing services. It has gained great popularity among businesses due to its enhanced accessibility and features sharing. Beside business, Google doc has gained immense reputation among students and educational institutions.

Integrate Google Docs With Outlook The Easy Way

The one word that describes today’s updates is collaboration. Google took the fullest advantage of the power and versatility of Cloud Computing while launching Google docs. Business users have starting using Google docs as it eliminates document chaos and enables universal accessibility. Also  the drag-and drop access to the Google documents directly from the indigenous file formats straight from the Outlook has encouraged business users to integrate Google docs with outlook .

Accessing Google docs from the Microsoft Outlook has been found easier using the familiar Outlook user interface. As the data is secure, business users send links to Google documents which can be accessed only authorized users.

With Google docs integrating with Outlook the storage space for emails will considerably decrease, as sending document as links instead of attachments will shrink the storage space required for emails. Email senders will no longer need to attach files to their emails. The user can instead share their Google doc files through Outlook.

Download Harmony Plugin

Downloading the Harmony plugin is another easy way to integrate Google docs with Outlook. Through Harmony the user would comfortably view, edit, share, rename and organize their documents and files. It would also enable make or create new Google doc in any form, document, presentation or a spread sheet. Downloading Harmony is free of cost and it can be installed in your Microsoft Outlook.

harmony for google docs

Benefits of using Harmony Plugin

Harmony for Google docs will be placed on the Outlook’s sidebar. On signing in, your Google docs will be visible on the sidebar and signing in is a one-time process. Editing files is done in the same manner as in Google docs.

harmony in google docs sidebar

With Harmony almost all the Google doc features works very well. Finding any file in your Google doc is easier with Harmony. Adding any documents and sharing it via email with recipients is simpler  with Harmony, as the user can simply drag-and-drop the documents in the account.

harmony drag and drop

The best feature of harmony is the way it integrates Google doc with Outlook without leaving Outlook. The easy way to collaborate on documents coworkers is a salient feature in the integration of Google Doc with Outlook.