How To Integrate Google+ Into Your WordPress Site

This year, the latest thrill in the world of social networking is undoubtedly Google+. This next generation social network from the biggest search engine is becoming a tough competitor of the most famous social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Despite this ability that has managed to surface in just four months, it is yet a mystery as to whether this unique social service will become the ultimate Facebook predator. Nevertheless, one thing is certain that Google+ is one such social site that none of us want to quit.

With its easy-to-use sharing tools and exponentially expanding users, Google+ is undoubtedly becoming a plus point for bloggers whose only aim is to get found by as many users as possible. So, if you are a content generator or blogger who wish to become popular by targeting millions of users, integrating this network into your WordPress site is the most effective and economical idea. Here are some easy ways to integrate Google+ into your blog powered by WordPress.

Take The Advantage of The +1 Button

This is the most common way of integrating Google+ into your WordPress site. The Google +1 button is an effective tool that allows users to search, promote, and save their much wanted content. The advantage of using this button is experienced by both the users and integrators in terms of promptness. While it takes only few seconds for the users to use it, the integrators need only few minutes to integrate it.

There are two ways to add this +1 button to your WordPress site. First, you can insert the official code for the button available at Second, you can choose from the plenty of +1 button plug-ins available at

Show Your Appealing Google+ Profile

Imagine a small section on your blog or site, which reveals your photo, name, your presence in total number of circles (this will make an appeal), the Add Circle button, and a line stating to follow on Google+. Wouldn’t this be a perfect way to get popular? Well, John Henson who is a software developer from PlusDevs believes in this approach. Therefore, he has developed a simple WordPress widget via which you can show your Google+ profile on the site or blog.

To use this widget, you need to only install its plug-in, drag the widget into the sidebar, and fill a form. Moreover, you can insert the widget anywhere in your template via just some lines of PHP code. You can download the plug-in from

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Be Innovative To Make Your Google+ Plug-in

If you are a developer or a geek who loves to give real touch to self-imagination, this is the option for you. At present, there are several ways via which you can create your Google+ plug-in. One of the ways is to access the new Google+ API by registering a Google+ developer account.

An alternative to this is to explore the PHP utilities developed by Jason Striegel (software developer) for a local Google+ API service. You can obtain its code at

Apply A Google+ Inspired WordPress Theme

If you love the clean and sophisticated layout of the Google+ interface, you can easily apply it to your own site or blog powered by WordPress. The theme that gives the most accurate look and feel of Google+ is WP Plus.

This is a 3-columnar, fixed-width theme that features valid XHTML/CSS code, custom menus, SEO optimization, and quick loading. Even more seamless is the Reflex+ theme that introduces jQuery and AJAX for navigation activities along with the above features.