How To Integrate Nitro PDF Reader with Windows 7

Do you work with PDF files more often than Word files? If yes, then you surely need a lightweight PDF reader that allows you to not only read the PDF files, but also review and mark the text within them. In this case, you can definitely try out the Nitro PDF reader that works efficiently on Windows 7 that has been infamous for its compatibility issues.

nitro pdf reader

Why Nitro PDF Reader

This is the most ordinary question that PDF users seek. Although ADOBE Reader is the most used PDF viewer, it only facilitates viewing PDFs. This means that it is only suitable for reading PDFs, not reviewing them. Further, it does not work well with the 64-bit editions of Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

However, Nitro being the latest one offers some more handy features such as creating PDFs from different file formats and applying markups via notes and highlights.

Above all, it integrates well with the Office ribbon interface.

From Where Can I Get Nitro

Yet in the Beta phase, Nitro is available for download from after which you can install it normally. However, it is vital to know that this reader is available in two versions so that it can work well on 32 and 64-bit Window editions respectively.

installing nitro pdf reader

What Happens after Installation

After installation is over, an introductory PDF opens up in the new app for you to get familiar with its features. You will observe that the Nitro PDF Reader fits well into the Ribbon interface.

introductory pdf

In case you have made it the default PDF viewer during installation, a list of PDF thumbnails appears in Windows Explorer but this is possible only in a 32-bit Window edition.

Further, in Windows Explorer of both 32- and 64-bit editions, you can see full PDF’s by opening the Preview Pane, which was previously possible only in the 32-bit editions of Windows.

preview pane

This previewing fun also works in Outlook 2007/2010 wherein a PDF attachment can be viewed in the Reading Pane without downloading it.

How Do I Create a PDF from an Existing File in Nitro

The most admirable feature of Nitro is its potential to create a PDF from any file such as Word document or Excel sheet.

This app resides on your PC with a virtual printer for creating PDF files from a file that you are able to print. This means that you create a PDF format of an existing file via this printer.

Let’s assume that you want to create a PDF from an existing Word document. So, just open a file and hit the Print command to open its Print dialog box.

selecting printer

Herein, select the printer name as Nitro PDF Creator 2 (Reader) and click the Properties button for specifying the PDF properties such as author name, conversion quality, page layout, orientation, password to access or edit, and permissions for printing and copying.

Finally, come back to the Print dialog box and click OK to open the Create PDF dialog box wherein you can specify a suitable name and location for your PDF.

create pdf

Finally, click the Create button and you will see that your Word file now has its new format: PDF. Do not worry; nothing will happen to your original Word file.

Alternately, you can just drag-and-drop a file into Nitro PDF Reader for creating its PDF version. However, do save this newly created PDF, as Nitro does not save it automatically.

How Do I Edit PDFs in Nitro

Unlike Adobe Reader, Nitro offers a myriad of markup tools for editing PDFs, which are available in the Tools section on the ribbon. You can highlight or underline text, add a note to any part of text, and enter text anywhere including in forms with the desired font settings.

editing pdf

Finally, you can save these changes after which the edited PDF reflects these changes in any PDF reader. Apart from the editing tools, one more useful set of tools exist in the Create/Convert section of the ribbon.
These tools are useful for extracting text or images from a PDF so that you can use them in another application directly.So, what you think of this new entrant? Do share your opinions via comments!