How To Make A Laptop Faster Without Buying Anything

We all know that a laptop is known for its portability, not speed. Therefore, it is usually not easy to make such a computer run faster. Most of us experience that after buying a new laptop, it works superbly during the initial three to four months, but after that, it shows its true colors by running slower.

As compared to the desktop computer, a laptop has a shorter span of life mostly because of the relatively inferior components affecting both speed and quality in the long run. However, the good news is that it is impossible to easily implement the ways of how to make a laptop faster without buying anything extra in terms of its hardware or software optimizers.

Money is seriously not the sole way of improving the speed of your laptop. If you just use your common sense and have some basic knowledge on the parts and working of the laptop, you can achieve this goal in no time. So, can you think of some ideas on how to make a laptop faster without spending money? Well, here are a few of them!

Reduce The Count Of Startup Programs

In general, each novel program always desire to run at startup in Windows. However, you need to realize that saying ‘yes’ to each software consumes much RAM. Therefore, just say ‘no’ to the unnecessary programs by typing msconfig in the Run dialog box, clicking the Startup tab, and clearing the checkbox against the unwanted programs.

Uninstall The Unwanted Programs

This is the simplest answer to how to make a laptop faster without any extra investment. If you have any idle or unused software, just uninstall it. In case you allow them to remain in your laptop, they will take up memory space to hinder the startup of the vital programs.

Check The File System For Removing The Corrupted Files

Use the System File Checking Utility to fix these files. Once you have done so, try testing the speed of your laptop by restarting it and opening multiple programs at once.

Evaluate The Occupied Size Of Hard Disk

It is quite possible that your hard disk is nearly full because of the unwanted files and demanding programs. Such a disk will certainly slow down your laptop. Therefore, it is wise to take a backup of these files and programs on a CD rather than keeping them on the disk.

Defrag Your Hard Disk

If your most used files are scattered on the disk, it can certainly result in a slow down. Therefore, using the built-in defragmenter is a wise step to store your files in one place, which improves the accessing speed.

Use Anti-Virus And Firewall Prudently

You must have installed an anti-virus for sure, but do shut them down if you are not using the Internet or are running the demanding programs. This is because an anti-virus or anti-spyware needs considerable memory space to run.

Ensure A Cool State

It is vital for you to keep the laptop cool for maintaining its desired level of performance. Avoid keeping it on your lap or placing it on soft things such as bed due to risk of heating. Instead, prefer a hard surface such as a desk.