How To Make A Private Tumblr Blog

Regarded among the popular micro-blogging services, Tumblr is a great public platform via which you can create your own blogs for posting and sharing links, photos, videos, and experiences. In general, blogging is always meant for sharing stuff with people residing in different parts of the world.

Whenever you create and publish a post on a Tumblr blog, all including your colleagues in office, relatives in your neighborhood, friends in America, and citizens of Australia can see it. After all, sharing ideas with the whole world is what a blogger wants!

However, there are times when you do not want to share your posts with the world. In this case, you want only a few people to see your post. This means that you require privacy, particularly for posts that should not be made public. For example, you might want to create a blog only for your project team whose members are scattered over the geographical boundaries. This is when the need of a private blog arises.

Fortunately, you can make a private Tumblr blog by making it a password-protected blog instead of making the visitors to create password-protected accounts. So, let us see how to make a private Tumblr blog.

Restrictions For Creating Private Tumblr Blogs

Before we go into the details of creating a private Tumblr blog, let us first note down the limitations or rules for such blogs. First, you cannot make your first or default Tumblr blog private, which means only secondary Tumblr blogs can become private. Second, for customizing your extra tumblelog html, let your browser retain the password, as a yet-to-resolve bug averts the visibility of the customize navigation bar.

Creating A New Private Tumblr Blog

Interestingly, you will have to start by first creating a public Tumblr blog. This seems a bit odd, but that’s the procedure in Tumblr. By default, Tumblr does not allow you to convert your default blog into a password protected one, which means you have to add a second free blog and then make it private.

To make this second blog private, click the down arrow next to name of your blog. Next, click the Create a new blog link. This will open the Create a new private blog page wherein you need to provide the title and address of the new blog.

Further, in the Privacy section, select the Password protect this blog check box and enter a suitable password in the text box below. Finally, click the Create Private Blog button.

Voila! You have created a private Tumblr blog. Now, a new dashboard is displayed for posting photos, links, text, quotes, audios, and more. Whatever you post on this blog will only be visible to those with whom you share your password.

To see the blog, visit its URL that you provided as address in the above procedure. The browser will now ask for the password that you need to enter in the box. Finally, click the Confirm button to see the blog content.

Converting An Existing Secondary Blog Into Private

In case you have an existing second Tumblr blog, you can make it private as well. To do so, open the dashboard of your second blog.

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You need to note that the Tumblr dashboard will show your first public blog by default. So, to open the dashboard of another blog, you will have to click the arrow next to the blog name as stated in the above procedure.

Now, click Customize to display the Customize page. Next, click the Advanced tab.

Select the Password protect this blog check box, provide a suitable password, clear the next two check boxes under Directory, and click the Save + Close button.

Finally, this secondary blog is now shielded with a password. Do share your experiences of creating and maintaining private Tumblr blogs in comments!