How To Make a Profitable Mini Site

A mini site is referred to as a website that is created by the companies to offer data and information about a particular brand of products to the world. This is done to attract more and more people towards the product by showcasing various animated content, with a broadened introduction and also with a visual scheme that suits the product well.  A single page website sometimes is also defined as a mini site. In a single page mini site, the seller tries to sell only one product. Here the whole portfolio of the company or the brand image cannot be presented. The marketing approach is completely direct over here and no beating around the bush takes place. Whatever strategies that are adopted by the top level management have to be something that hits off instantly. This policy is represented by the site in an effective way.  Mini sites came into the scenario in the 90’s when direct marketer tried to build a complete new mechanism to launch and market their product.

What is The Structure Of A Mini Site?

A mini site comes in with a shorter life span. The craze remains at the peak when the product is just about to be launched. So, during that phase the attention that is being garnered helps to popularize the product highly. But as the product gets a bit older, the site rating points too goes on decreasing.

Finally, as the product gets out of market and outdated or if the production stops, the site too gets the boot. The site begins with a graphic header that catches instant attention of the customer. So, a header is definitely of great importance. Videos shall be given to enhance the product publicity. Graphic title, graphic subtitle and testimonials are to be provided.  Finally before ending, author signature is a must with again a catchy footer just like the header part with a menu.

How To Make A Mini Site More Profitable?

Some factors have to be kept in mind while building a mini site, because it creates an effect on your sales. It is easier for the people to get distracted if you have more hyperlinks on your website. The more you provide direction to other websites, the more are the chances of a customer to lose interest. The main profit gaining part lies in the navigation menu.

There are different ways to place the navigation menu on the website. Whether it is to be placed on the top, or bottom or left or right that entirely depends on the product and the way you look at it. It is generally seen that the navigation menu at the bottom generates more interest among the viewers because the last thing gains the maximum importance while checking out a website.

Another thing is to keep it short and simple. The site should not be too long, as reading too much information bores people. The best way is to keep it within 10 pages or so. Videos and attractive taglines with detailed information too help to garner attention. This increases the search engine rating points too. One thing you have to keep in mind, that you should not focus too much on the advertisement part because then your site is unlikely to get good rating points in the search engine. Thus mini sites are responsible for selling the product and the higher the traffic rate, the more the product shall seek benefit from it.