How To Make A Proxy IP Effectively

All those looking to browse the web without revealing their IP address or say anonymously can do so by creating a Proxy IP. To do so, first they need to adhere to a Proxy server. It is comparatively safer to set up a proxy server using Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

However, this does not mean that Opera, Safari and others strike out from the list.  It is simple to make a Proxy IP using the resources found online. Type in Proxy server in your browser’s search engine, and in return it pulls up a list of anonymous server options to choose from.

Talking about proxy servers, they are of four types – transparent proxy, anonymous proxy, distorting proxy and high anonymity proxy. With Transparent proxy server original IP address shows via http headers, while anonymous proxy does not make it available.

Distorting proxy forms an incorrect original IP address while the High Anonymity Proxy does not provide the original IP address. Using proxy servers does come with a certain level of risks. Depending upon the level of security needed, you can choose a proxy server.

Creating Proxy IP With Internet Explorer:

Step 1 – After launching Internet Explorer using the IE icon or from the Start/Orb, you will notice options like File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools and Help.

Step 2 – Click on Tools and the last option shows Internet Options.

How To Make A Proxy IP Effectively

A tabbed box appears and you will have to click on Connections.

Step 3 – The lower right side shows LAN Settings. Click on this button.

How To Make A Proxy IP Effectively

On doing so, another box appears which lets you enable the proxy server.

Step 4 – You will also see an address box wherein you can type the IP address of the proxy server.

How To Make A Proxy IP Effectively

You will have to fill in the server’s port number. There is also a default port number in case you fail to find one.

Step 5 – You can even select Bypass proxy server for local network when you wish to access the local network.

Creating Proxy IP With Mozilla

Mozilla Firefox users can effortlessly start browsing the web anonymously with the stated set of instructions.

How To Make A Proxy IP Effectively

Enter Tools on launching the browser and click on Options. Hit on Advanced and proceed further to the Network section which advances you to the Settings button.

How To Make A Proxy IP Effectively

On keying in the Manual Proxy Configuration, locate the proxy server and add the server’s IP address and also the port number. Simply click on Ok to complete the process.

Creating Proxy IP With Chrome

Those Google loyalists who access the web through Chrome have to enter the Customize and Control section. Hit on Options then on ‘Under the hood.’ When Network settings appear, click on the change proxy settings option.

How To Make A Proxy IP Effectively

Once you enter the LAN Settings options, select Use proxy server for your LAN and then enter the IP address and port number accordingly. Save settings and you can browse the web without revealing your address.

Creating proxy IP is quite swift. However, choose a trusted IP server to avoid any misuse. You will need permission before you use some IP servers. Ensure that you begin accessing them only after the permission is granted.