How To Make Browsing Safer for Children In Google Chrome

Internet is a great source of knowledge. People today have access to a wide range of information just with some click on their keyboards but some researches also show that children are exposed to very improper content over the internet.

Accidently, they might come across things which are not good for their age. However, you can’t restrict them from using the internet too, as it is essential for education. So what can you do? If you have Google Chrome on your system then Chrome web store has the answer for you, and it is Kid Safe – LinkExtend.

How Does Kid Safe – LinkExtend Work ?

With the help of Kid Safe – LinkExtend, you can restrict the browsing on the computer. This is a great extension to protect your children from unsuitable content. You can get it easily from the web store for free and after the installation it would be ready to restrict internet usage. However, before getting started, we recommend you to set the preferences under options.

Under the option window, you can select ‘Show ratings near Google search results’ for getting ratings of website in front of Google searches. Select ‘Show warning when entering an unsafe website’ which is obviously what it says and uncheck ‘Allow entering unsafe sites’ which is a disable feature for the extension. You can check or uncheck the option you want to.

How Would Kid Safe – LinkExtend Respond To Sites With Adult Content?

If you chose not to ‘allow entering unsafe sites’ options then as soon as any website with improper content is accessed, the extension would totally black out the window and content of the website.

All you’ll get is a warning message reading “The site may be unsafe for children” and a link to find other kids sites. However, if you check the ‘Allow entering unsafe sites’ option then Kid Safe – LinkExtend would offer one more link i.e. ‘Enter the Site’ with warning message, which is surely not for kids.

How Can You Get The Extension ?

If you are really new to the Google Chrome or haven’t explored it much then open your browser and click on the link for Chrome web store. It is available on every new tab, just under the bookmarks and above most visited pages. Navigate to the Web Store and type ‘Kid Safe – LinkExtend’ in the top right search box. You will get only one result, click on it and you will reach the description window for the extension.

Just select ‘Add to Chrome’ and a prompt will pop out asking you if you want to install Kid Safe – LinkExtend.

After the installation, you would notice an icon just near the quick bookmark sign, which is represented by a star in Chrome. However, if due to any reasons, you want to uninstall the extension then right click on its icon and choose uninstall, it is a very simple and fast process.

Kid Safe – LinkExtend is a good extension for your browser if there are children at your home. You can also customize it very easily and quickly just with a few clicks. Try it out and keep your kids safe against aggressive content.