How To Make Free Android or iPhone Ringtones From Any YouTube Video

YouTube is a treasure trove for anyone who wishes to find a song, video or tutorial of any sort. With an unimaginable wealth of content, there is so much that can be done with these videos. Do you wish that there could be a way in which you could get those great videos as ringtones on your phone?

Well, it might seem to be a perfectly simple task to get your videos on to YouTube and host it for everyone to see. It might also seem simple to use a browser plugin to download a YouTube video. But converting them into ringtones might just appear to be a task beyond your control. The following steps will help you do just this, completely free of cost. You can then use the resulting ringtone on your Android phone or even your iPhone.

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How To Make Free Android or iPhone Ringtones From Any YouTube Video

Step #1: Convert Your YouTube Video To MP3

There are a number of online services such as, which will let you convert the video online for free. While these sites might have extensive advertising, the end result is worth looking through a few ads that pop up while you wait.


Start off by copying the URL or website address and paste the URL into the input bar of


You will have a choice of the quality of output that you would like your converted file to be. Choose the quality to be “Standard” and click on “Convert”.

convert video to mp3

Once the conversion is done, you will be given a link that takes you to the download page of the converted MP3 file. Save this file on your computer in a spot that you will remember, so that you can browse it later to edit it.

Step #2: Edit Your Audio And Trim It

If your converted audio is quite large, then it is essential to trim it before you use it as a ringtone. After all, your phone rings for less than a minute when you get a call, and there is therefore no need to clutter up your phone’s memory by dumping the whole song on to it.


There are quite a few free audio trimmers, one of the best being Audacity. Audacity gives you an option to drag and drop markers on the segment of audio that you wish to trim. You can also mark off specific portions of the audio based on the clip’s starting and ending timestamp.

Once you have finalised on the clip required, you can use Audacity to trim the clip. There are a number of options to save the clip. All you need is the right plugin, which can be downloaded free of cost since Audacity is an open source software. It is also possible to add sound effects and reduce certain notes from the audio by using Audacity.

Step #3: Enjoy Your New Ringtone

Now that you have your audio clip trimmed just the way that you need, all that remains is to get the clip on your phone and set it as your ringtone. Surprise your friends the next time your phone rings with this great, custom-made, personalised ringtone! The wealth of YouTube is now in your hands!