How To Make Google Plus More Useful

Your Google+ account can be edited in numerous ways. It is a great website for social networking and allows its users to be very flexible in every activity. The users have a wide variety of options to choose from in order to modify how their profile looks like.

google plus

Unlike any other website you have the freedom to do whatever you like and wish to see. Even the profile viewers can be edited according to your wish. It can be made into a very useful account if you follow the below mentioned 10 tips.

More Information in Profile

Unlike any other website Google+ gives you the freedom of editing your profile information very easily and quickly. You can simply add a brief description about you and edit it any time of the day.


It comes very handy in this case. Even the viewers of your profile can be edited. The edit profile button will help you achieve that in seconds.


Under the settings tab, you can simply make a lot of changes to any field in the profile. Your photos can be changed along with the status updates and even notifications. You will find the settings tab on the top right hand side of the page. It includes a privacy option too. Under this option all your privacy settings can be managed.


If you have commented on a particular status update and you are fed up of the notifications, then you can simply get rid of them by muting them. Muting is a great feature and not many websites posses it. Even when you put up your own status, you can allow others to not comment on it by disabling comments.

Making New Circle

Your friends circle includes the people whom you know. It gives you a chance to chat and interact with them on a daily basis. It can even be expanded by sending friend requests on their email addresses inviting them to join Google+.

making new circle

Making new friends on G+ is very simple. Try to explore more about this feature, next time when you go online.

Friends Track

It allows you to keep a check on the notifications which are hidden.

Friends Track

This means that you can keep a track of the people who add and delete you. It is again a very useful feature.

Search and Invite People

Simply import all your contact from your other accounts and send them a request to join G+.

Search and Invite People

Importing contacts is a very easy thing to do. It widens your options of adding people on Google+.

Search for New People

You can purely search for new people on Google+ by clicking on the search tab. just add the name of that person whom you wish to search for.

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Sharing your content on the profile can also be modified in a lot of ways. Modification can be done by you in seconds.


People will be able to see what you wish to show.

Streaming and Hangouts

These two options will help you managing your stream and hangout options.


Hence, follow the above tips and make your Google+ account even more useful.