How To Make Microsoft Word Always Use Plain Text for Pasted Text

If you are a regular user of MS Word, I am sure you must have copied text from other sources such as Web pages and pasted into your document for editing purpose. Although this feature is useful, it is yet very annoying. By default, MS Word retains the size, style, font, effects, colors, and links of the text that you copy from other sources.

Now, this is irritating, as you end up pasting text with a format that is different than the current format of your document. Further, if there are images in between the text, even they get copied as well even though you do not want them.

When you copy and paste continuously from different sources for even some seconds, you certainly end up with messing up your document due to different formats. Moreover, having varying formats in a single document is not professional at all. This is where the option of converting the pasted text into plain text in MS Word becomes handy. Let us check how to use this option now!

Problem: Copying And Pasting A Lot Of Text In A Document Is Preventing Consistent Formatting

Let us consider a scenario wherein you have just been appointed as a Copy Editor by an IT company. Your Manager has come across some grammar and flow issues in the About Us, Clients, and Prototype sections of the company’s Web site. Therefore, he has assigned you the task of editing the text for eliminating those errors. Now, to do so efficiently, you decided to copy and paste the text in MS Word. While copying, you tend to realize that the text format is changing each time you paste it.

Now, this annoys you, as you have to format the text each time you paste it for maintaining a single format to ensure professionalism. Further, sometimes, due to slow Internet connection, you find that MS Word freezes while pasting the content, which consumes even more time.

Since you know MS Word, you click the small popup under the pasted text to select the Keep Text Only option, but this is not feasible, as you have to do this every time you paste the text. So, is there a better solution for pasting text?

Solution: Set Word To Automatic Paste The Text With Plain Formatting

The ideal solution to the above problem is to make the MS Word paste the copied text as plain text. By doing so, you obtain the pasted text without any links, effects, styles, and colors. Further, even the images will not be pasted. In short, you need to tell MS Word only once for removing the source formatting while pasting the text.

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Implement The Solution: Change The Default Settings Set For Copy And Paste In The Word Options Dialog Box

Here are the steps to make MS Word 2007 apply plain formatting to the pasted content automatically.

1. Open MS Word.

2. Click the Microsoft Office button.

3. Click the Word Options button. The Word Options dialog box appears.

4. Select Advanced from the left side.

5. Locate the Cut, copy, and paste section.

6. Select the Keep Text Only option from the corresponding combo boxes.

7. Click OK.