How To Make Row Labels in Excel 2007 Freeze for Easier Reading

Technology has become so advanced that now you can do almost everything on it. It gives a person plenty of ways to do things very instantly. These days we no longer maintain our records on a sheet of paper. It is a good habit, as it gives us the chance to help nature by saving paper.

So what exactly do we use to prepare all our records? Well, one can use Microsoft excel sheet to jot down anything he or she wishes to. It is a great feature which comes along in the entire package of Microsoft Office. It allows anyone to maintain records in proper rows and columns.

freeze row labels in 2007

People who are not too aware about its usage, would surely find it difficult to make row labels in Excel and freeze them for easier reading. This is a very easy task and can be done in seconds, only if you follow the below mentioned points.

How To Make Row Labels in Excel 2007 Freeze for Easier Reading

Open Excel Sheet

First of all one has to open the Excel sheet that is available on the computer. Till the time you do not open the sheet you will not be able to move ahead with your next step.

Click on View

The next step will involve the person in first finding for the “view” button. This tab will be seen on the right hand top side of the sheet. It will be available along with other ribbons like home, insert, page layout, formulas etc. In this ribbon, the 7th tab or the second last tab will be the “view” tab.

view tab

Freeze panes

After you are done with clicking on the “view” tab, next step will be to look for the “freeze panes” tab. It will be in the middle of the sheet. Hence, look for it and click on it.

freeze panes

Various Options

On clicking on the “freeze panes” tab, it will list out three options which will be unfreeze panes, freeze top row and freeze first column. Depending upon which row or column you wish to freeze, you can select the option accordingly.

freeze top row

In case you wish to freeze multiple rows or columns, simply highlight them before you click on the freeze tab. This will help you in freezing not only one, but as many rows or columns you wish too.

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Save Changes

Ensure that you do not forget to save whatever actions you perform on the Excel 2007 sheet. It is mandatory to save everything so that no information or activity done by you is lost.

Hence, in these few easy and quick to follow steps, one can simply get hold of the freezing option in Microsoft Excel sheet 2007. There is absolutely no technicality involved in this procedure. It barely takes a few seconds when followed carefully.

freezed rows

Freezing is a great option to scroll down in Excel without disturbing any other column or row. One must try out this option in order to get a better hold of the software. In case of any doubt, simply perform a little internet research about this option and you will be sorted.