How To Make Sure Word Prints Document Background

Doesn’t an MS Word document, which otherwise looks really simple, turns into an eye-catching and attractive piece of work when background color and images are added to it? Thankfully, MS Word now, has a variety of formatting options for you to play with and add to the look and presentation of your documents.

For official and non-official purposes, we need to print our MS Word documents, many a times. You may find that after adding beautiful colors and watermarks to your document background, the printout does not show that. The printout what you get is just a plain white MS Word document. This certainly, is not what is expected and we definitely want the background colors to reflect in our printouts too.

microsoft word page background color

Professionals and those who have expertise in MS Word and its settings, may be aware about this issue. However, those who use MS Word but do not have knowledge of the settings and options of MS Word, may wonder why this happens! Well, you will certainly be surprised that there is no fault with the printing machine but just a matter of one single setting you need to take care of, before you print the document.

Also, make sure that if you do not want the background to be printed for a particular document, then you have to uncheck this option. The reason is, once you make this setting, it will be applied by default, not only to your current document but to all MS Word documents. It will apply to the MS Word documents you create henceforth and also the ones you already have in your system. Sounds simple? I bet, it is.

Steps To Make Sure Word Prints Document Background

1. Open the MS Word document which needs to be printed.

2. On the extreme left top corner, click on the Office Button. You will find that on the left hand side, there is a vertical list including options like New, Open, Save, Save As, Print, Prepare, Send, Publish, Close. On the right hand side, you will see a vertical list again, which displays the recently opened and used MS Word documents.

3. In the lower pane, slightly on the right side, you have 2 options. One is Word Options and the other is Exit Word. Click on the option which says Word Options. Here, you will see options like Popular, Display, Proofing, Save, Advanced, Customize, Add-Ins, Trust Center and Resources.

word options

4. In Word Options, click Display in the left hand side list. After clicking on Display, you will find three sections on the right hand side with headings Page display options, Always show these formatting marks on the screen and Printing options.

5. In Display, you will find the third heading, which says, Printing options. Printing options will have 6 sub-options below it namely, Print drawings created in word, Print background colors and images, Print document properties, Print hidden text, Update field before printing and Update linked data before printing.

print background colors

6. Under Printing options, put a check mark/tick mark next to the second option, which says, Print background color and images.

7. Click on OK below.

Result would be nothing but an attractive document with colorful backgrounds!