How To Make The Battery Charge In Dell 1525

One of the most common problems which Dell 1525 users face is regarding battery charging issue. ‘Plugged in, not charging’ is the annoying message which appears on the system when you attempt to charge your laptop.Although this is not a customary troublesome feature that comes with your brand new Dell 1525, the laptop is well received by the users for home use with a reasonable price range, but the battery charging problem is seen to be faced by quite a few users lately. You need to handle this problem very patiently.

The probable causes for experiencing battery not charging on Dell 1525 laptop

If you are one of those users who face troubles with charging the battery in Dell 1525 and feel perplexed about how to deal with it, before starting the troubleshooting process it’s advisable to find out what could be the reasons behind this charging problem. If you make out what is the issue with your laptop, it would be easier to get rid of it. Usually, there could be three main reasons behind the charging issue:

Firstly, It’s may be the time to toss out your existing battery and buy a new one. There is no point of using a battery that has stop holding a charge and unable to supply power into your laptop.

Secondly, if it’s a brand new laptop then the above problem does not lie with the functioning of existing battery; it could be a problem of the laptop itself.

Thirdly, there is also a big possibility that the Dell 1525 battery is designed in a way that requires a lot of time for the first recharge. In spite of the message it shows on Windows that the battery is not charging at all, it may be possible that it is charging alright but on a slower pace.

How To Resolve The Problem Of Battery Charging

When you make out what is the issue you face with your laptop charging, go for the solutions accordingly. Recognizing the problem of the laptop is a must thing.

1. If it’s a battery problem, just replace the old battery with a new one. Simple.

2. If it’s the problem with your laptop then call the Dell technical support team for assistance.

A) Remove the battery and power cord after shutting down the laptop and hold down the power button for few seconds and the problem will be fixed.

B) Boot the laptop into the BIOS page using F2 at power up. Navigate to the battery status page and watch the charging for few hours. If you see any charging at all, give it some time to charge at normal speed.

C) The problem with battery charger could also be the problem, in such case buy a new charger.

D) Click “open your Device Manager” to remove every battery related issues from there. Once you are done, right click and select ‘Scan for changes’, which will reinstall the correct services and allow your laptop to charge again.