How To Make VLC Pick The English Audio Track Automatically

Released by a non-profit organization called VideoLAN, the VLC media player refers to an open-source multimedia player that works very well on several platforms such as Ubuntu, Mac, and Windows. This player aims at being the most custom yet comprehensive program for enjoying multimedia from a single interface, irrespective of the varied media formats as well as diverse codecs.

How To Make VLC Pick The English Audio Track Automatically

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Apart from reading videos and audios, it can also record and stream videos and audios, play DVDs, and execute Flash content. And yes, this flexible media player comes with a bundle of advanced features such as multiple streaming, interactive menus, and subtitles. Above all, it is a totally free player. However, each new thing in this world has its own set of cons as well.

The Irritating Con of the VLC Player

VLC is a freeware, which indirectly also conveys about the hidden faults or cons. One of them that we often face is the lack of ability to support a different language with the changing episode or track. In case of VLC player, when you play something that contains multiple tracks, you must have observed that it does not weld with the desired language, which is very frustrating while viewing a series. It is frustrating because you have to alter the language whenever the next episode is played.

So, if there are 20 episodes in different languages, you will have to right-click the interface, select Audio –> Audio Track, and then pick the desired language almost 20 times. Now, this is surely not a sensible thing to do, isn’t it? Moreover, this problem exists more significantly when you attempt to play the videos downloaded from the World Wide Web.

VLC Pick The English Audio Track Automatically

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So, what’s the solution to this problem. Well, the logical solution is to make the VLC player pick the language automatically. Let’s assume that majority of the episodes will be in English, which means that the VLC player must automatically pick the English audio track. However, a big question still remains: Is this possible?

The Ideal Solution for Beating the Irritating Con

Yes! Fortunately, it is possible to make the VLC player pick the English track automatically. And believe me; it is very simple to do so although nobody can pretend to know it obviously. So, just open the VLC Player and select Tools –> Preferences.

How To Make VLC Pick The English Audio Track Automatically

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This will open up the Preferences dialog box. Alternatively, you can open it by just pressing Ctrl + P. Assuming that the settings of this dialog box is set to Simple, click the Audio icon in the left panel. The Audio Settings panel will now appear on the right side.

Next, you will have to scroll down to the Tracks section and in the Preferred audio language text box, enter EN that is the two-letter language code. You can even try entering ‘English’ or ‘en’ and check out for yourself whether any of the two works or not. Well, this will bring an end to your frustration!


You can also enter a different language code in the Preferred audio language text box as the default one by entering the corresponding two-letter code.

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