How To Make Winamp Look Like iTunes

iTunes by Apple is the current vogue in the world of media players. Available with an access to the online store, this media player allows downloading music, iPad games, television shows, videos, movies, podcasts, audiobooks, and ringtones for the iPhone and iPod Touch (4G).

However, there are still many music and movie lovers who have not shifted to iTunes. Are you one of them? If you are one of those who will shift to iTunes in near future, but want to enjoy its look in advance; this is the right article for you to read. However, for this, you need to be a Winamp user.

Changing The Skin Binds Winamp To The Typical iTune Look

It is possible to make Winamp look like iTunes. There is no doubt that with every new version, Winamp is becoming a better media player with increasing customization options. One of the features that you can customize is the skin. If you have never changed the skin of Winamp, then this time, you need to do so to enjoy the typical iTune appearance.

This is a feasible solution for all those who are bushed of the default skins that Winamp offers. Although these skins are not bad, they might certainly not be your choice. Therefore, it is now time for the latest look! Don’t you think so?

AmpTunes II Develop.Wal Does It All

Available as .wal file, this skin in a zip file is essential for converting the standard look of Winamp into the appearance of iTunes.

You need to download from, unzip, and install it by closing all the other applications including Winamp. For approving the installation, say ‘Yes’ for adding it as the skin option in Winamp.

Apply the New Skin

After installing the new skin, you need to open Winamp and click Options --> Skins -> AmpTunes II Develop. You will see this option in the Skins sub-menu only if your installation has taken place successfully. The moment you perform this step, Winamp will vanish until the new skin is applied.

If you visit the homepage of this skin, you will see a totally different Winamp Player. If you want this look, you need to close the Playlist Editor, click Hide Info located at the bottom right corner, and select Local Media that is available in the left menu.

Switching Back to the Default Skins

In case you are bored of looking at the same iTunes look or want to temporarily change the skin, you can again click Options --> Skins and select a new skin as per your choice. On doing so, you are definitely not going to lose the option of AmpTunes II Develop.wal in the Skins sub-menu.

Concluding Lines

There are users who claim that one might never feel the need of using the iTunes, as the latest version of Winamp offers high quality sound features with a downloaded plug-in and iPod support. On top of that, if you just apply the typical iTunes look, it seems as if nothing is left behind!

Warning: In order to make Winamp look like iTunes, you must have the standard version on your system.