How To Make Word 2007 Always Save In Word 2003 Format

If you have just shifted to Word 2007, you must be feeling very great about it. However, believe it or not; there are many users of MS Word who have not yet switched to the 2007 version. Perhaps, they yet prefer working with the 2003 version. If you are working with such colleagues or clients, you might have to exchange the documents in Word 2003 format.

This is because they will not be able to open a document saved in Word 2007 as .docx in Word 2003. So, let us now see how to make Word 2007 save the documents automatically in Word 2003 format.

Problem: Manually Saving Each Document In The 2003 Format In Word 2007 Is Not Practical

Let us assume that you have received a project of creating almost 200 articles related to tourism. The client has given you the permission to use MS Word for creating the articles. Although you have MS Word 2007, the client needs all the documents in the .doc format. Now, to meet this requirement, you first thought of saving each article manually as Word 97-2003 document by changing the type in the Save As dialog box.

However, you are of the opinion that this is not a practical solution when it comes to saving 200 articles. Nevertheless, you are right, as saving a document every time in the above manner is time consuming. Further, there is a possibility that you might forget to save it in .doc format in case you have to hurry up with the work to meet the deadline.

Moreover, you already have a bad experience of sending .docx files by mistake to your colleagues who could not open the files on time while in a meeting. Therefore, you do not want to repeat the same mistake again, especially when this time, it is the client to whom the documents are to be delivered. So, you are actually looking for a better solution.

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Solution: Let MS Word 2007 Save All Your Documents In The 2003 Format Automatically For You

As you have just shifted to 2007, you might not be aware of the fact that MS Word 2007 can automate this saving task for you. This means that you no longer have to save each document as .doc manually. It is just the matter of changing the default settings related to saving the documents in MS Word 2007.

Implement The Solution: Change The Settings For Saving a Document In the Word Options Dialog Box

In Word 2007, the Word Options dialog box allows you to change the default settings related to saving the documents. Here are the steps to make Word 2007 save all the documents in Word 2003 format.

1. Open MS Word.

2. Click the Microsoft Office button.

3. Click the Word Options button. The Word Options dialog box appears.

4. Select Save from the left side.

5. Select the Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc) option from the Save files in this format combo box.

6. Click OK.

Now, try saving a new document by clicking CTRL + S. This will open the Save As dialog box, but this time, the value in the Save As type combo box is Word 97-2003 Document instead of Word Document. This means that you only need to browse to the location where you want to save your file without worrying about its extension.