How To Manage Social Media Accounts For Multiple Clients

Today in social media multiple account are maintained by businesses as well as individuals.  Businesses maintain multiple profiles for each service, for different locations, different brands, etc.  If you are involved in the management of social clients, than first you have to learn how to manage these clients in order to ensure success for both yourself as well as your clients.

manage social media accounts

Delegate from the Beginning

To keep all your accounts well organized you have to practice leadership.  The moment a deal has been struck with a client, immediately the clients account must be left in the hands of one project manager and he will be the main contact point and decision maker for that account.  They in turn must delegate implementation to people who are working under their control and welcome all strategic suggestion from the members of their team.

Consistency must be maintained in maintaining the content and engagement of social accounts and clients profile.  Delegated work flow help to lower the incidence of inconsistency and cross pollination across the account of clients.  Delegation of responsibility also lowers confusion and quick identification and solving of problems.

Management Tools

Management of social media requires tools to monitor brand mention, to assure continuous engagement and connect brand advocates and branded accounts.  We will discuss some tools that are available.

For enterprises “Sysomos” is a good tool, it determines engagement and brand discussion with the help of keywords. You have to associate keyword to particular clients and groups formed in this process must be continuously monitored.

Sysomos tool

“Google Alerts” which is a free tool is suitable for firms of any size.  Google Alerts logs any new content on the basis of infinite variation of keywords.  Whenever there is a mention of your specific keyword phrase, your account receives an alert from this tool. 

google alerts

Google Alert gathers insight from public social profile, forums, blogger and other websites.  They can very beneficial when the contents are related to that of your clients.

Keeping Track of Engagement

HootSuite” is a social media management tool which will help you not to miss a single opportunity for fan engagement.  For e.g. whenever there is a post in a Facebook wall or a tweet requires an engagement and either you or an assigned person answers the post or tweet, a replied notification appears in the interface of HootSuite.


“Twitter’s Advanced Search” is an excellent way to search the Universe of Twitterfor brand mentions, even if your client has not been specifically mentioned by a user.  Even if the first page results are not linked your client’s accounts, but still mention of your clients brand is made on other tweets.

twitter advanced search

You must find out these new brand advocates and you must make it a point to follow these new customers in all their future conversations.  You must find out brand mouthpieces and organize them and engage them.

There is an iphone app “MySocialMania.”  It helps you to be connected while you are on the go and also cross-updates photos and messages on multiple sites simultaneously.


Now, whatever you have read in the above paragraphs please put into practice and make your management of social media for multiple clients as a more enjoyable and successful one.