How To Manage Your GTD Tasks With Tudumo

 Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+O, Ctrl+S and Ctrl+P are some of the commonly used shortcuts for cut, copy, paste, open, save and print respectively. No doubt, it saves a lot of valuable time for you. However, there is more to the keyboard shortcuts than what meets the needs.

But we are talking about something more than just the ‘copy paste’ options. It is the GTD – Got To Do list which comes in very poor hotkey combination. As a computer expert if you are working more with keyboard and saving time by avoiding the mouse, then Tudumo is the app you should be looking for.


About the Application

Tudumo which more or less follows the David Allen’s GTD methodology is a cute little Windows application. However, the only drawback in this otherwise great app is that it does not come free of cost. It is free only in the beta mode. But if you want the official version, then you will have to part with some bucks.

The application gives an impression that it is slick and it proves to be one when you actually start using it. There are loads and loads of hotkey combinations you can find inside. Those who use the Windows XP version, there is the Win+T shortcut key available for ease-of-use. Pressing this key combination brings the window out of the system tray.

Inside the Application

However, the universal Win+Ctrl+T shortcut key pops open a quick add dialog box. You can add a list of your works that you have decided to do.

quick add tudumo

This is the Todo item in your list. Once you have added items in this list, you can use the Ctrl+T shortcut key, which focuses the tags box. It comes with the auto complete feature as well. So you do not need to type in the entire word.

Todo list

The app also uses the drag and drop feature. You can use this feature onto any tag. The tag should be dropped at the bottom of the window and it will get assigned.

drag and drop task

Adding a Note

One of the simplest features is adding a note. Press the Ctrl+Enter combination and the focus will be on the notes box. Press the key combination for the second time and a new line will be added. Finally, just press Enter and the editing will be completed.

adding a note

Adding a Day

Press Ctrl+D and the calendar will pop up for you to add the Due Date. With the help of the arrow keys, you can easily navigate between dates. Setting the Start date is easy; just press Shift+Ctrl+D.

add a Due date

Finding a Task

Finding a task is another important feature of the app. The combination you need to use is Ctrl+F. As Ctrl+F is the combination used in many Microsoft programs, the same is used here too. When you press the combination a find box pops up. It starts searching for the relevant items as soon as you start typing.


The trial version of Tudumo requires .Net 2.0. A 60-day free trial is available.