How To Manually Record Journal Entries In Outlook 2007

A Journal is a record of the events that occurred and/or the actions taken regarding these events. It is possible to associate journal entries automatically with the desired contact. Journal aids in tracking Microsoft Outlook items such as e-mails, and Microsoft office documents such as Microsoft word or Microsoft Excel files. Journal helps to keep a record of things, which are not located on your computer like some phone conversations, and a written mail sent or received by you, which was accidentally deleted. It serves as a handy reminder as well as proof of an action performed. Journal entry in Outlook 2007 is used in recording the time and date of your communication with your contact, helping you track the number of hours spent on the contact.

Record Journal Entries In Outlook 2007

You can create a list of all the items related to the contact by using activity tracking. It is easy to find when the action occurred through the timeline recording, in the journal entry. You can organize the timelines into logical groups like e-mail messages, meetings, phone calls or appointments. Locating information can be done quickly like keeping a track of meetings you attended and the duration of the meetingsetc.

Journal Entry Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007 uses Journal entry as an add-on feature to function optimally. It is possible to customize how to record the journal information best suited for you.  Whether you choose to use it regularly or occasionally, the journal in Outlook 2007is an enormous help to its users.

Manually Record Journal Entries in Outlook 2007

Here are some easy to follow steps for manually recording journal entries: Open Outlook and enter options. Now choose the Journal options. You will be able to view the journal timeline here. You may select what you want to see in this. Right from your daily meetings, emails, phone calls etc. all that took place  on that day can seen on the Journal view. You may insert an item manually by selecting ‘File’ >‘New’ and then proceed to make a journal entry. Now add the description of the item in the subject area. Complete the entry, and type by clicking on the correct box. Manually Record Journal Entries in Outlook 2007 Check if you need to utilize any other options or sections available, before saving and closing. If you want to add any item from the internet or from the computer to journal, just drag the entry to your journal from its original place. You may choose to have your files from Microsoft office programs like Access, Binder, Excel or PowerPoint.

Automatic Recording in Journal for Microsoft

Select from ‘Tools’ ‘options’, then ‘Preferences’ to go to Journal Options. The Journal Options enables automatic recording of the items. The user can add his or her email messages, meeting agenda, the date and time entries and task requests.

Automatic Recording in Journal for Microsoft

Journal Optionsalso enables the user to save any specific aspect of the contact/meeting in an informal way with a quick note.

Microsoft  Outlook Journal Entries and Telephone Conversations

Microsoft Journal also allows the user to add telephone conversations to a journal entry. The details like the time of the conversation up to the minutes of the conversation can be recorded.  If you do not want to clutter your Journal with automating the entries, you can choose to select the items manually.  Drag what is relevant and put it in the Journal. Microsoft  Outlook Journal Entries and Telephone Conversations There are often relevant and irrelevant details concerning a new contact up to the point of striking a business deal with contact. It is better to manually record the journal about the details of the contact till you strike the deal and establish the business. After having established the business, automating the entry would become an easy task to maintain an uncluttered Journal entry.