How To Mark Your Document As Final In Word 2007

There is no doubt that MS Word has always taken care of our vital documents in terms of presentation as well as security. When it comes to security, you always have the choice to protect your documents with passwords.

Although this feature of MS Word ensures unwanted or unauthorized changes by others when you share the documents, it still leaves some scope of making changes by those who know the password. However, at times, you strictly do not want to allow any change in a document that has been finalized.

In this case, a password does not render a document as final. Therefore, you need to mark the document as final. Therefore, in this article, we shall explore its significance and the steps to make a document as final in Word 2007.

Problem: Want To Share A Word 2007 Document Only For Viewing

Let us assume a scenario wherein you are the Project Manager of your CMMI Level 5 company. You are managing a new project for which you have already prepared the Traceability Matrix document that indicates the project milestones. The document will be in use by the team to check whether the project requirements are met or not. Therefore, this is one of the vital documents, which your team must view every now and then until the project ends.

Now, you want to baseline this document, which means that you want to share the final version of the document with everybody. Nevertheless, you want to make sure that nobody including you must edit this document. Therefore, you do not want to protect this document with a password. You are actually looking for a better solution in this case.

Solution: Mark The 2007 Word Document As Final

A document marked as Final indicates that this is the final version. Moreover, doing so prevents others from making accidental changes to the document when it is shared on a network or when it is to be mailed to the client for the last time. In simple terms, you make the document as read-only for all those who open it. You can easily mark a 2007 Word document as final when you are done with all the review rounds and fixes.

Implement The Solution: The Microsoft Office Button Allows Marking The Document As Final

You can mark a 2007 Word document as final by clicking the Microsoft Office button. Once you mark a document as final, you will notice that the Ribbon is disabled. This itself indicates that no changes are possible in this document. Further, on the Status bar, you will be able to see the Marked as Final icon.

A reader can now perform only two tasks namely, printing the final document and searching for the desired text in it. Here are the steps to mark a Word 2007 document as final.

1. Open the required document.

2. Click the Microsoft Office button.

3. Select Prepare --> Mark as Final. A warning appears stating that the document will be marked as final before saving.

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4. Click OK. Another message box appears to confirm your task of marking the document as final.

5. Click OK. The Mark as Final icon now appears on the Status bar and the tab options on the Ribbon becomes disabled.

Tip: Anybody can reverse the Mark as Final feature by repeating the above steps. Therefore, it is good to use it with password protection.