How To Maximize Battery Life on Your iPad and iPhone

Battery life of your latest Apple device may be worrying you. While you are addicted to it you find that that battery is running out sooner than you expected. If you are wondering how to maximize battery life of iPad, iPhone then this simple guide may help you.

Brightness Of Screen

Battery life of iPhone and iPad are wasted when you have set the screen at maximum brightness. Many users are not even aware that they don’t need such high contrast and brightness set as default in their Apple device. Go to setting>brightness for adjusting default level of brightness that may be set as low as 30% for most of their time.

Screen Lock

For preserving battery life of your Apple device it is essential to turn off the display as soon as possible when you are not using it. When the display is on for long period it eats up battery life of the device. Go to General>Auto-lock for setting a quicker auto lock.

Airplane Mode

This mode is very effective for maximizing battery life of iPhone and iPad when you intend to play only offline game or work offline in your device.  There are some areas where your Apple device like iPad and iPhone may find it hard to locate and stay connected with the network. In an attempt to stay connected these devices constantly search for connection and battery of your Apple device is drained rapidly during this searching. Turning on Airplane mode prevents this searching and preserve battery life of your Apple device.

In this mode Wi-Fi and regular wireless radio are turned off. As such, you may not be able to receive any phone call if you are using iPhone. You can set this mode from Settings.

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Keep Cool

Avoid keeping your Apple device in hot places. Heat kills the battery life of your iPhone device. You may be surprised to find that the device is quickly running out of power when kept on a hot car seat or under direct sunlight for long time. Other than running out of charge quickly, heat is harmful for battery life of your Apple devices.

Managing Mails and Alerts

Make sure that you don’t have several contact accounts, email and calendar configured in your Apple device. These multiple accounts are checked and all the mails are downloaded on regular basis. This drains out a lot of power from your battery. You can change settings of your Apple device to ensure that such checks are least frequently done. Go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>fetch new data for making necessary changes.

If you are not a social network freak busy with your Twitter or other such alerts then switching off notifications from them ca save battery life of your Apple devices. You can turn off such applications one by one or turn off the Push entirely. This can be done by going to Settings>Notifications.


Some simple actions may go a long way in maximizing battery life of your Apple device. Fully discharge and recharge the battery at least once in a month. Disable the Bluetooth radio when you are not using it. If you don’t need information about the location then turning off location services can save battery life.