How To Modify Tab Ordering To Switch Tabs In Chrome

If you have been a Firefox user and have recently shifted to Google’s delight, you will seriously not like its default tab order. This is because Chrome orders its new tabs in a manner than is completely different from Firefox.

However, the good news is that you can bring back the same tab ordering approach in Chrome with the help of its small extension that aims at maintaining the tab order just like Firefox. If this is what you are interested in, kindly read ahead to know how to do so.

modified tab ordering in chrome

The Default Tab Ordering Behavior in Chrome

By default, Chrome has the habit of grouping similar tabs together. Precisely, this similar relation is in terms of parent and new tabs wherein the relative new tabs open besides their parent tab. For example, if the main site is open in a tab that exists in between the other open tabs, any link in that main page that you try to open in a new tab will open up besides the main page tab, not after the recently opened tab on the right.

This means that when you try to open the different links of the same site in new tabs, the tabs are placed or grouped together instead of opening them at the end of the tab bar. On the other hand, in Firefox (before 3.6 version), a new tab tends to open at the tab bar’s right end, which means that the tabs exist in the same order in which you open them. So, if you want this order in Chrome instead of the relative order, you will need the free Modified Tab Ordering extension.

About The Modified Tab Ordering Extension

This handy Chrome extension not only aims at moving the newly opened tab to the right, but also focuses on the next-rightmost tab when the user closes the current tab. The latter one is useful for those who do not want the focus on the most recently opened tab after closing the current tab. On the other hand, the former ability of the extension is useful for folks who wish to visit the tabs from many sources in the order in which they open them. Above all, not all will love to have the tab ordering by groups.

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Getting The Modified Tab Ordering Extension

You need to add the extension to Chrome from the URL, The procedure of adding the extension is the same: click ADD TO CHROME button in blue and Install button in the Confirm Installation dialog box. Finally, you will see a message on the toolbar informing you that the extension is installed.

modified tab ordering

Using The Modified Tab Ordering Extension

After you have installed the extension, all you have to do is restart the browser and open some links of different sources. Now, try and open a link of any of these opened sites in a new tab. Finally, you will see that the tab appears all the way to the right, not besides its parent site tab. So, you get your most wanted left to right arrangement of tabs for viewing them in order in which you open.

How useful was this article? Are you using some other way of tab ordering? Kindly share with us in comments!