How To Navigate Sites with Keyboard Shortcuts with gleeBox

Running through open windows and apps can be a real headache, especially if you are using lots of open windows at the same time. Well, working with lesser windows simultaneously cannot be the solution for this problem.

Switching between windows cannot be only time-consuming, but also frustrating . But technology has a solution to such problems. For such troubles, there is gleeBox at your disposal.

What is gleeBox

gleeBox is the innovation that was required to help users interact better with the hardware they use daily. gleeBox newer keyboard shortcuts and prompts help you move around the web with ease. Mouse is getting lesser usage and the use of keyboard – due to its shortcut abilities is constantly in the picture.


It is not only the browsers, but even apps that use the power of keyboard shortcuts effectively. But at times keyboard cannot “click” a certain link and the user has to get to the mouse for the activity wasting precious moments.

Start with gleeBox

With this add-on, surfing the net will be a new experience for you. You cannot only navigate more effectively, but can also share links faster and easier and you do not need to leave the keyboard as well.

Start with gleeBox

Here are the steps to get going. To get started you will have to download the gleeBox extension and install it on your computer. It works excellently on Safari, Chrome and FireFox.

See How It Works

Once the formalities are over, open any site. Press “g”. A gleeBox input bar will show up. To see how it works, type some text in the input box. The add-on will instantly highlight the entry.

gleebox input bar

If there are more than one instance of that text, press the “Tab” button to see the next instance. In case the text is a link, press the “Enter” button and you will navigate to that link.

Get More Out of gleeBox

The above-mentioned example was just one of the many exciting features gleeBox holds. Here is how you can get more out of this add-on. If you want to highlight all the headings, enter ?h, use ?img for switching to the subsequent image.

gleebox highlights text

You can use the ?? to go over to next text box. For the next link, use ?a use can use the “Tab” key at any moment during these process for going to the next instances.

Read More Effectively

With gleeBox installed, you can read the contents more effectively – without the distractions of ads or sidebars or even widgets. To make this possible, enter “!read”. This will open the page in “Readability” format. This is similar to what you might have seen in iReader.

Read in gleebox

Share Faster

gleeBox has made sharing on Twitter and Facebook easier. To share of Twitter type “!tweet” and for Facebook, type “!share fb”.

share with gleebox

You can even shorten the URL with and use it with the command “!shorten”. If you are using Chrome, press “.” and the tab manager will open up. With “!options”, you can change the settings of gleeBox itself.