How To Optimize Opera For Maximum Privacy

Opera like many other advanced and modern browsers has many improved features including advanced privacy features. These privacy features protects your online browsing sessions from being tracked and breached. This article provides an insight in to how you can increase your online browsing privacy while using the Opera browser to access the internet.

Steps to Optimize Opera For Maximum Privacy

Disable Opera Turbo

Opera Turbo is a feature which is present in the Opera browser to speed up downloading of webpages in case you have a slow internet connection. Through this feature, the webpage requests that you send are passed through Opera servers which in turn enables you to download the webpages faster. Only certain encrypted webpages does not pass through the Opera’s proxy servers.

How To Optimize Opera For Maximum Privacy

For those of you who possess slower internet connections, this feature will speed up your browsing experience. But if you possess a faster internet connection you do not need this feature. You may disable this feature so that your webpage requests do not pass through Opera servers.

Optimize Opera For Maximum Privacy

To disable the Opera turbo feature, Open the Opera browser and access the preferences option present in the settings option of the Opera main menu. Choose the web pages option. On the top of the screen you will find the settings for Opera Turbo. You may either choose the details option or simply choose’ off ‘from the dropdown list to disable Opera Turbo.

Suggestions for Search option

Like the other leading browsers, Opera too send your webpage requests that you put forth via the search tab to the various search websites.

optimizing opera for maximum privacy

The search websites will provide the relevant search results based on your search request. So, your searches are sent to the existing search websites for processing.

optimizing opera

In order to protect your online browsing privacy, you may disable this option by placing a tick mark in the check box provided for Enabling search suggestions option present in the search option in the preferences segment.

Accepting Cookies

Cookies are used by websites for providing you with the relevant webpages, saving login information, saving website options and also for thirty party advertising websites to track your online browsing pattern. Now you can restrict the way cookies are accepted in your browser by choosing the following option. Navigate to the advanced segment under the preferences option in the Opera main menu.

how to optimize opera for privacy

Choose the Accepting cookies from the site I visit option and also place a tick mark in the checkbox provided for deleting new cookies when I exit Opera option. Selecting these options will limit the way cookies perform during your browsing session. The cookies will be enabled during browsing and will be deleted when you leave the Opera Browser.

how to optimize opera

But the only drawback of doing this is, every time when you log in, you have to log into each website afresh and cannot use any of the saved information features except if you save the cookies between browsing sessions using the managing cookies option.

Protection from Malware and Fraud

Opera browser has modern and advanced malware and fraud protection options. These are already enabled in your browser .This option provides protection from accessing malware centered websites and websites which commit fraud on the users. Opera provides the protection option by sending the details of the websites that you access to the Opera proxy servers which in turn provides you with the details whether the website is safe to visit or not.

how to optimize opera for privacy

Even though Opera claims that it does not save or use any of the browser related data that is transmitted to its servers, in order to protect your online browsing privacy you may disable this option. Go to the Security segment under the advanced option in the Preferences option and disable the enabling malware and fraud protection option.

In Private browsing

Lastly, Opera has the In Private browsing option. Using this option averts Opera from saving the cookies, browsing history and other browsing related details. This is a secure option which you can make use for a safer and privacy protected online browsing experience.